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Retro-style 2D massive multiplayer online role playing game. · By Bruno


A topic by DryDuck created 40 days ago Views: 102 Replies: 6
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To put them in context

The word furious makes you illusion of being aggressive and with a lot of damage.

I think they should give the furious one a makeover. I will give my opinion I hope you like it :) đź‘Ť

1-Let's start the use of mana, they should take away the mana and put another type of thing to spend, for example energy and the bar where the mana goes is red and is called energy.

2-Damage basically don't hit enough to be called furious, and another thing is that they have a lot of stamina with magic damage.

3- Skills they should place 

•Bloodlust or Bloodthirsty: This ability causes 10% of your damage done to be returned as life steal, at skill level two by 15% and third level by 20% ( This would be like to replace the armor and magic resistance that it has more)(for 10 min)

•Called killer: This ability causes the Furious to gain 10% more speed and 1 attack with 150% more damage (only 1 attack) Lvl 2 12% speed- 175% more attack, lvl 3 15% more speed and 200% more attack.(for 30 seconds)

•Scream of madness  - this ability makes all enemies around them fearful and reduces their attack speed 10% / 20% / 30 / during 30 seconds .

These skills are more for them to try to go kill stronger monsters.

I hope you like my review :)

As a Furious i just want a Armor Penetration skill and AoE Bleeding, it sucks to have 750dmg and do like 200-300 hit to easy-medium monsters like dwarves banshees worms etc.

Besides making the bleeding skill an AoE skill to help the party(its range would be equal to Enrage 1x1), in my view the Furious is practically useless in a pt, since his damage is much less than that of a wizard and hunter and even alchemists(because they all have wide area attacks and they don’t have to literally stick to the tank to hit like the furious)

Give it a purpose in addition to being a suicide class that has no use in group hunts (you can hit max of 4 creatures if hunting with a Knight , with a VERY high risk of dying since you literally have to enter the box lured by knight to hit these 4 mobs)

Oh, I almost forgot, this level 20 cure SUCKS, it’s a shame a Furious level 160 healing 180-200 per turn when it have a HUGE cost of Life to use skills.

Thank you very much for your opinion, this will help me to give better reviews:

The idea of improving healing is a good one. Life steal too. And an area damage that is at least greater than 3x3 ... All other classes will reach level 500 very quickly. It is very painful to hunt by clicking monsters one by one and releasing area damage that takes about 300-400 damage. I'm practically thinking about leaving the build full magic. It was the only way I found to be able to hunt by killing monsters around with that magical 3x3 area damage ...

I'm seriously thinking that the furious must have exori's ability, just because they have an ax, I don't know what you think?

that would be great bro. about armor penetration i liked it too.

Well described guys. It's really a pain to up a berserk. Several times I thought about stop playing on my berserk, when I compared with other classes. Even thought with  the current improvements on ths class, we still USELESS for team hunt, and still a pain to solo level up due fragile def. In addition of your suggestion, I would add more HP and less mana, once it's barely used.