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Retro-style 2D massive multiplayer online role playing game. · By Bruno

Passive and elemental spells

A topic by Hellgorak created 42 days ago Views: 57 Replies: 4
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  1. hello good afternoon, I'm not very good at dreaming but I would like to propose passive spells. (I have ideas ready). system of weakness and strengthening by elements for monsters, weapons and magic. I have many more ideas. I hope they make it a better game

Hey Hellgorak, could you share with us your ideas about passive spells?

In a way, we already have that in Kakele. We have spells that provide passive status for a given amount of time.

About elementals, the idea is interesting, but I don't see us changing things right now, since we are focused in balancing the vocations and adding new things to do in the game. 

Hello, good afternoon. I will cite some examples.
furious class:
* Passive that makes the enemy walk slowly after receiving an attack.
* Passive life theft. Warrior class:
* passive that increases defense after receiving attack.
* passive life regeneration when standing still.
Wizard class.
* passive: the magician's fire attacks have a chance to melt the armor or cause burns.
* passive: elemental resistance.
Alchemist class.
passive: aura of lives all players within a certain size have increased health regeneration.
* passive: elemental resistance.

Helgorak included everyone but forgot about the hunter.  Do you have any idea what passive spell would fit into this class? :)

  1. Hunter 
  2. * atk speed passive. staying on the same target gains an atk speed increase.
  3.  * passive movement speed according to which life falls. If you liked the ideas, I have several other ex: missions, monsters, sub classes for each profession. I think there could be more than 1 sub class for each profession.