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Retro-style 2D massive multiplayer online role playing game. · By Bruno

Reset Equipment Upgraded

A topic by Uncle Drew created 40 days ago Views: 40 Replies: 2
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I would like to propose a way to reset the Upgrades from a equipment as we know that a lot of people end upgrading their gear wrongly, and sometimes it's an item from a quest and that makes impossible to get another one,  I think the blacksmith could charge a certain amount of gold to reset the gear, and to make people don't exploit it, you could double the price every time you reset the same item. 

Agree 100%. We all make mistakes. And it is only fair that player is penalised with a higher gold upgrade. Or perhaps a one off charge to reset as I assume a one off charge is easier to implement and had the same affect. 

Moderator (1 edit)

We will add a reset option in the next update. Thanks for the suggestion.