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Retro Space Ball

Cosmic vertical shooter meets Pinball! · By RikOclon

Comment - control improvement

A topic by Tangentg created Oct 15, 2020 Views: 42 Replies: 3
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I'm two levels in and I'm rather bothered by the controls because of the lack of mouse or arrow keys support, and I haven't seen any shots to be fired thus far. It feels like more like a Highly Responsive to Prayers clone (breakout with gravity) than a pinball game since there are no flippers and you control essentially a paddle to bounce the ball back. I'm interested in the boss battle and shooter elements, as well as the retro aesthetic (I think the explosion and red exclamation mark stuff are pretty cool), but the lack of the control options I mentioned does put me off wanting to continue playing, especially since traditionally breakout styled games have always used paddle controllers.


Thanks for playing and for the awesome feedback! 

Sorry that it had you frustrated.  There is a controls menu available from the start menu that explains the controls. To fire shots you press w, the up arrow, or the fire button on a controller (bottom button). The space bar (or right controller button) is the boost button. No need to switch control options since they all work at the same time. You can use A and D as left and right and the up arrow to shoot or vice versa, left and right arrows to move and W to fire. If you want to use two hands. I tend to use a controller or just one hand myself, but its been tested to work using the other methods.  There is some fine tuning still needed (it is in beta). Hope this helps!

I thought about putting flippers in, but I felt that it would not be conducive to the gameplay and shooting the ball is more accurate when you land a good shot. 

I'm glad that your interested in the giant bosses! Right now there are only two but I'm planning to add more. 

The arrow keys ARE actually supported as well as controllers.  There will not be gameplay support for the mouse. The mouse is only used for menues and UI.

What do you think would help players like yourself enter the controls menu? Maybe show them the controls menu automatically the first time the game is played?  

I actually did go to the controls menu before playing (though showing them just in case might be a decent idea), but I think it's the presentation in your controls menu that needs some modification. You showed the left and right arrows and the letter A and D on top of them so I thought you meant that A and D "moves your ship left and right" rather than "A, D; and the arrow keys; move your ship left and right". I'd probably separate the A and left arrow into separate squares to show both keys are OK. Also are you thinking of perhaps showing a letter on the powerups like in Arkanoid? Since having to remember which colour is what is pretty difficult (although to be fair, you probably won't want to miss any powerup regardless of what it is). But at least now that I know arrow keys are supported it would solve that part of the concern.


Ahhh I see! Thank you so much for making this clear to me! I will definitely change the controls infographic! 

I very much appreciate your input, so be sure to let me know of any other things you think of... 

And I'm thinking pinball flippers might make a good level mechanic. I will play with the idea :)