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Deleted thread about ./

A topic by vv221 created Oct 14, 2020 Views: 126 Replies: 2
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A couple days ago, I posted a thread in this forum about an open-source software building native Linux packages from DRM-free games installer, to advertise the addition of the Cats are Liquid games to its collection of supported games. (I’m not linking to it this time, in case that was the issue)

I see this thread has been deleted, so I guess it was not welcome here? If that is the case, I would be happy to know what the issue was, to make sure we do not make the same error again ;)


The reason your post was deleted is because I considered it spam.

I remembered seeing a post similar to the one you posted earlier in the day, so I checked your profile, and saw the same thing copy-pasted a million times, with only the names and links to the games being changed.

Because of that I just reported it and deleted the thread.

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I understand the confusion, support for a lot of games from has been added to ./ lately, and all of our forum posts are based templates to allow me to not spend to much time on these (said templates are actually public, and can be seen here and here). I would love being able to spend more time on communication, but it would be even less time working with our developers…

To clear the confusion about our intentions, here is a description of what ./ really is and does: ./ Installer for DRM-free commercial games

Let’s keep in mind that this is a software developed by hobbyists, there is no money involved (well, there is of course the costs of developing and hosting such a software, but this is done on personal funds), and no partnerships with either game developers or distributors. We post about it on game forums because this is the place people that might want to use such a tool already are, and because this is a way to let game developers know that we provide integration for their games on Linux.

Of course, ./ is of no use for people that do not already own a copy of the game they want to install. We only automate an integration process (adding menu entries and such to make the game easier to launch), but do not provide any data.

If after reading it you wish that we remove the support for your games, it’s OK, you only have to ask me and they will be deleted in the next update. If on the other hand you are OK with us advertising support for your games, I would be happy to re-open a thread about it ;)