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Dvergatal - Thorin´s Quest

Save the world from the curse of the Spider King. · By Mark Dowen

Continue the work! The game is looking good! :)

A topic by Alessandro Bonomo created Oct 04, 2020 Views: 91 Replies: 5
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Hi, I tried the game and wanted to share my experience! At first I tried to play the game from pc but it crashed so I used the controller. First I talked to some of the NPCs then I picked up the axe and went into the labyrinth to kill some spiders. I was really surprised by spiders AI and from the green spider that spawns other spiders. Nice xp system and combat system (axe throwing  is fun). I would advise you to increase the scale of hp, xp bar and dialogue UI, adjust the aspect ratio of the houses and pay more attention to perspective. The game is very promising! Good luck with the development!


Thank you. 

I will look into the keyboard problem.  I had no troubles with different setups. Controller, keyboard, keyboard only.  

My target is to complete (main) work on this game this October. I need a release 🙈


Here's what happened: I launched the game, pressed space and crashed. My OS is Windows 10 64 bit. Another crash happened when I entered in a zone ( I don't remember exactly where) near to the green spiders lv3 (I suppose level 3 because of the 3 stars upon them).

" My target is to complete (main) work on this game this October.  " Got it! First programming then adjust art

Another thing: Character' s walking animation makes me think that he's a ghost. He seems to float on the terrain 

Developer (1 edit)

This should not happen. I got very rare crashes . One time  a view seconds afer start. sometimes not.  I could play and finish the game so far, without any crashes.

but...its computer systems....

If you see a spider (enemy)  with the "three" star bonehead : this means your player char, the hero,   may be killed  by one attack of the spider/enemy.  this is because: the heroe's HP and Shield are not strong enough to  save the hero from this enemy, enemy attack. As the hero  gets stronger, you will find the spider will not show this symbol.

I've uploaded a new (stable)  archive.  

The  developement system is  Win10 64Bit, 16GB RAM, 4K Resolution.

Tested on:

Surface  Laptop Win 10, 8GB RAM. 

Some  "smaller"  computersytems with Win 10, 64Bit.

Hint: After you leave the castle, I  recommend to head  to the north. Visit the "Riddle Dungeon" . Try to  master Level 1 and 2 of the Dungeon.

You will face the first "Boss" and get the first Dragonflame.  But you will be short on keys to open the Dragontemple. So  go to the "Pit" in Swamptown and kill  the two

black Spiders to leave the Dungeon with one Key to open the Dragontemple and  ignite the first dragonfire.

Thank you for your support and  your feedback. :)

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"This means your player char, the hero,   may be killed  by one attack of the spider/enemy" Yeah I saw it ahahahah. That thing oneshotted me twice. Btw I will try the suggestions you gave me.. If I find out the reason of the crash I will notify you. 

"Thank you for your support and  your feedback. :)" developers must support eachother :).