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Projects inspired by the 16 bit console generation from the late 80s and early 90s. Including the consoles Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16.

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Complete chiptune soundtrack with extra goodies!
27 BGM Music for adventure games
Zenodyne R's Soundtrack
Free retro soundtrack for your indie games
Official OST for Kunoi
A game about a parallax shifting, platforming, pixelated, poncho wearing robot called PONCHO!
A collection of 9 tunes crafted around both the SNES limitations and its classic sonority.
Free chiptune song for your games
Free sountrack for your games
Sountrack for your games
Soundtrack for your games
Soundtrack from indie-adventure game "Qora".
A selection of the best tracks from the games of Soiree Games remastered in synthwave style!
A retro style chiptune song for your games
Full 16-bit Sega Genesis-style game soundtrack that you can use in your game
4 tracks + 4 remix, ~23 minutes
30 superbly simple seemless 8bit loops
A self made soundtrack
For game intros or trailers, main menus, endings, level completes, etc...