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This update is a very important once since it features two new characters, from Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac. This new crossover lets you pick Dr. Fetus and Isaac on any game mode.

We also opened the game for everyone to play, for free, while we focus on the story campaign.

We understand this crossover is about two very loveable characters, so we tried to do our best to represent them the best we can. For this, we had to go above and beyond, to tweak our current technology to make them as faithful as possible.

Said technology allows for facial expressions, so characters can have different emotions as they do different actions. Also we included multiple damage models so the end result looks like what would happen on the original games

Of course, this is an ongoing process and we welcome any suggestion on how to make them better!

We welcome any suggestion or comment you may have. You can write to us at the bottom of this page (Community section). You can also contact us via Facebook, Twitter, Discord or just send us an email.

Thanks for your support!

A cute/gore 1-4 players platformer about friendship, love and what it means to be human.