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NanoWriMo 2017

A sale hosted by NorthStateGames
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Discount for NanoWriMo 2017! Now get writing!

QuadWriter, named for it's tiny 4kb size, is a minimalist text editor. It was designed for use during November, when you're frantically working on novels. It's written in Javascript, making it perfectly cross-platform. It has several great features to help anyone trying to simply get their ideas out there and save the internal editor for the second draft.

  • Inexpensive - At less than a cup of fancy coffee, this editor will serve you longer than any caffeine rush!
  • No backspace - No editing on draft #1, just get your ideas out there!
  • Truly Cross platform - Written in Javascript, all you need is a web browser!
  • Only 4kb - A tiny file with tiny requirements, it'll run on virtually any machine!
  • Save and Export to .txt - Save your work and come back to it later!
  • Organic word count - Word counts based on actual words, which require spaces, not some silly formula of total characters entered!

*Works best in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

A minimalist, browser based text editor that forces you to get ideas out there.