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TILTOFF is The Rookies Game of the Year for Web/Mobile!

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 TILTOFF is The Rookies Game of the Year for the Mobile/Web category! I'm so grateful for Autodesk to have hosted this global competition and for the judges to have picked my game.

The quality of the games that were submitted totally blew my mind and while I couldn't compete in the Console/PC & VR categories (where the fighting was the fiercest), I will definitely join in next year!

Also proud to have represented both Singapore and USC in the competition, so that's a big plus~ Fight On!

Do check out the other winners from The Rookies competition here - http://www.therookies.co/2017-res…/winners/game-of-the-year/

- How I feel now -

So grateful that I had the opportunity and privilege to represent my home country in a global competition. For all of my life, I lived in Singapore and I always stared out at the ocean that surrounded me and I wondered when my life would truly begin. I wished for the ability to make my ideas come true, no matter what anyone said, and I realized too late that wishes will always stay wishes until you act on it.The opportunity to do what you want is always there in front of you. All you have to do is reach out and grab it. Failure and doubt will always be there, it will never go away, and you can't let it bring you down. I knew nothing about game design or scripting when I decided to take Intro to Game Production more than a year ago and I was utterly terrified when the class had me remake a classic game in the first four weeks. Unity scared the hell out of me and the tutorials online were outdated because of the changes in 5.5 but I really didn't want to throw away what then seemed to be my one-shot chance at proving to myself that I could actually do this dream of making games. So I just kept hammering at it, endlessly, sometimes aimlessly, until it just clicked. It's that moment that you realize what you're doing is perfect for you, that somehow this moment, this path, is utterly yours, that you alone chose to do this. I had never felt that before and it really feels like I just started living after all those years of wishing and waiting, of not actually realizing that I could do everything I wished for today if only I stopped wishing and started doing.

A Game of Balance