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Wheelchair Sale!

A bundle hosted by VexedEnigma
Buy everything for $9.99! Regularly $20.95 Save 52%!
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This sale ended 2017-09-30 18:00:00.

Hey there pixel art fans! As some may be aware, I've been living with CFS/ME - a debilitating health condition - for several years. CFS/ME is an illness of still uncertain cause. Symptoms include severe and debilitating fatigue, muscle and joint pain, gastric disturbance, insomnia, mental fatigue and much more. One of the easiest ways to describe it to people who are unaffected is that, on a good day, you can feel as fatigued and unwell as someone suffering with severe flu symptoms. Take it from me, it's not fun.

For several years, I've been trying to manage my symptoms while providing pixel art assets for indie devs in an attempt to make some money, while also trying to stay healthy and positive as much as possible. Unfortunately, getting out and about is not easy - especially since symptoms are worsened dramatically following any kind of exertion or exercise, mental or physical. Well, the time has come - after years of putting it off, hoping for a miracle recovery, I finally realise that if I want to get out and see the world I do infact need a wheelchair.

While I've been able to make a fairly decent living through creating pixel art asset packs, purchasing a wheelchair is a bit of a luxury, which is why I'm putting together this bundle offer in order to raise the money for my new wheels! For just $9.99, you can get every asset pack I've made available on itch.io! That's a saving of over 50%

A standard, foldable, self-propellent model costs about $250 with basic accessories, so that's my goal here. I'm not looking for anything flashy, just something that can help me get out and about a little more.

If you just came here for the pixel art, great! I hope you enjoy it and make cool things with the packs! If you'd like to help out, any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read this, and happy game dev :)

As is the case with all of my asset packs available on itch,
this pack is Royalty Free and usable in any engine without limitation -
all I ask is that if you have  credits, to please pop my handle
[VexedEnigma/PixelJustice] or name [D Machin] in there!