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Critical Games

A bundle hosted by Axes&Orcs
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Collected together are a series of games poking at a variety of rpg topics and/or philosophical concepts.

On Critical Rolls

"Jeez, this is *scathing.* It's literally a couple of lines of Lasers and Feelings hack, but...

Well they sold out to an inhuman burger corporation, they kind of deserve it. You know who this is." - Kai Poh of Role Over Play Dead

"This is some savagery from @axesnorcs. Never has an RPG been more scathing in 6 lines." - The Jelly Muppet

"If you want a brief but scathing critique of those streamers who got in bed with the burger corp" - Parenthesis Press

"you are S A V A G E m8" - Anon

"Holy fuck this rules" - @BadTTRPGs

On Dragons & Dungeons

"no tieflings, but still the worlds greatest rpg i guess" - Highland Paranormal Society

"I think I miss a bestiary in this game...

... maybe not ;o)" - Bruno Bord

Includes the following items:

A game about a man and philosophy
A game about quirky fast food social media accounts
A game about dungeons and dragons and their deeper meanings
An L&F hack about a meme
Non-political Lasers & Feelings Adjacent Games
A collection of satirical L&F hacks