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DMS Short Larp Bundle

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All of the short freeform larps released by Drowning Moon Studios in 2018 and collected in one place. This bundle includes a variety of different live action roleplaying games, from the campy fun of supervillain party larp Everybody Wants to Rule the World, to the more serious A Wolf at the Door, which uses classic monster and horror themes to explore the sensitive topic of domestic violence. Safety, calibration and decompression tools are included in all games.

Includes the following items:

A GM-less freeform larp for 4-8 players about ghost roommates having their monthly Haunt Meeting.
A freeform larp that explores domestic violence through the lens of couples counseling for monsters and their mates.
A freeform larp where players adopt campy supervillain personas to compete to become Supervillain Supreme!​
A larp inspired by those times when you hear that one perfect song at that one perfect moment.
A freeform larp for 2-7 players based on the selkie myth of the Scottish Northern Isles.
A cyberpunk larp that uses the concept of AI to explore conformity, resistance and what it means to be truly human.​
A larp about attempting to plan a heist in a short amount of time with escalating tension.​
​A 2 - 4 hour freeform larp for 4 - 10 players that takes place in an underground bunker during a worldwide crisis.
A freeform larp for 3 to 7 players, where characters discover a magical doorway to a fantastic land.
A larp about what the dead leave behind, and how the living must cope with the consequences.​