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Big Bad Con Travel Fundraiser

A sale hosted by Metaparadox
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This sale ended 2019-10-01 03:59:59.

I am excited to announce that I got one of the scholarships to attend Big Bad Con! However, since I’m from Connecticut, the $400 will mostly only cover the flights. I have found a roommate and have access to a room reservation, but the remaining scholarship money won’t cover all the hotel costs for staying 3 nights in the Marriott, even though I’m splitting the cost with my roommate. Also, I need to pay for food and train tickets (I’m flying into SJC the day before the con to save money on flights, and staying with a friend that first night, then taking the Caltrain and BART up to Walnut Creek). 

Here’s how I calculated the goal for this sale:

~$155 per night at the hotel (includes taxes) x 3 = $465
I’m paying for 1/3 of the hotel cost, so ~$155
I’ll have about $50-$80 left over from the scholarship after paying for my final plane ticket (I already bought my flight out, but statistics say I could save $30 if I wait for the price to go down on the return flight).
So I need about $100 for the hotel.

I estimate about $25 for Caltrain and BART ($15-$20 to get from San Jose to Walnut Creek, varying based on whether my old Clipper card from college is still valid, and then the rest for travel to SFO or OAK depending on where I fly home from.)

The remaining $75 will be for food during the 4 days of the con. So that’s a little under $20 per day. The con will have some cheap hot food for sale, as far as I know. I don’t see myself spending much on breakfast, so I think this is doable. The more money I earn from pre-orders, the more I can spend on food or even go out to dinner at a restaurant with friends.

I have a part time job (can’t work more due to chronic illness), but most of the money I’m earning from that goes towards established expenses.

An unapologetically queer and neurodivergent magical girl (and guy, and enby, etc.) ttrpg