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Back2School Flash Sale: Everything for $6.66

A bundle hosted by K. M. Claude
Buy everything for $6.66! Regularly $44.89 Save 85%!
This sale ended 2019-08-20 21:38:59.

This sale is only available to coupon holders.

Because school is hell, many of my followers are adult learners themselves, and why the hell not? For 24 hours, pay $6.66 and get all of my paywalled comics and zines!

Includes the following items:

"Possessed or psychotic, Caleb needs my help."
A comic about the death of a fan.
a Ninety-Nine Righteous Men side comic
A minizine about the end of 2016
A minizine about perverted priests
An angel of death and the demon prince of lust have some not so angelic fun together...
a decadent, grotesque mini-comic inspired by Suehiro Maruo's manga,『少女椿』
a zine about sex, Catholicism, and clerical sexual abuse
a zine about identity, sex, and words made flesh
a zine about lies, sex, and damning contracts
a zine about contrition, sex, and cruel forgiveness.
a zine about secrets, sex, and loves left buried
a zine about respect, sex, and (dis)obedience
a zine about sex, death, and wretched relationships