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Beta 0.1 Early Adopters

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The Adventure Builder is ready for use!

However, not all planned features are implemented yet. 

While they're being worked on, early adopters can purchase the Adventure Builder for a super reduced price. This will give them access to the downloads and more features down the line for free.

Planned Features

  • Beta 0.2 
    • NPC Generator. Randomly generate descriptions, personality quirks and more for characters in your campaign.
    • Creature filtering improvements.
  • Beta 0.3
    • Spell Browser. Much like creatures can be sorted, the Spell Browser displays all 5e SRD spells to look at for reference.
  • Beta 0.4
    • Trap Browser. Add exciting hazards to encounters from the Trap Browser.
  • Beta 0.5
    • Loot Roller. Choose from a bunch of parameters to roll loot for the party
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