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Agger Interactive Games Bundle

A sale hosted by Agger Interactive
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Get 5 cool 3D FPS games
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Eve of Destruction - Redux VIETNAM

is a First Person Shooter about the Vietnam War.In more than 60 different maps you can fly with airplanes and helicopters, drive tanks, APCs, jeeps and boats, ride on elephants and horses or sneak in the jungle as a soldier.
Each map has a singleplayer-mode against bots but you also can invite friends for a multiplayer match (COOP with or without bots).

Eve of Destruction - Redux PIRATES

Pirates is a free modification for Eve of Destruction - Redux about Pirates and their ships.Fight in huge sea battles against enemy ships or on land against bots with swords, pistols, axes and muskets.
You can even take a ride in a balloon to get behind enemy lines.
The MOD is supplied with the main game Eve of Destruction - Redux VIETNAM.

Paintball 707

is a single- and multiplayer game. Mark the opponents -bots or friends- with color to win the game.There are different in- and outdoor maps and different kind of markers (weapons).
The game is non-violent and because a shooter for players under 16!

RC Fun City

Use radio controlled vehicles without wasting a fortune if something is going wrong.You can drive cars, monster trucks, bus, quad, racecars, boats, race boats and ships or fly with drones, helicopters, jets, double-decker and bombers in miniature.
The radio controls are easy to use (W,A,S,D & E) and you can drive in- and outdoors.
It's a singleplayer game, but you can compete with friends in different jumping and racing events, because records get saved online!

Worldwide Sports Fishing

Worldwide Sports Fishing is a 3D fishing simulation with fishing waters all around the globe.Each water has it's own fish species with different drilling characteristics.
Caught fishes get stored localy (on PC) and online and you can compare your records
with the records from other players and friends.
Special feature: you can recommend your dream fishing water and it will get into the game - if possible!

Includes the following items:

Paintball 707 is a first person shooter sports game for single- and multiplayer games.
Eve of Destruction is a First-Person-Shooter for PC about the Vietnam War era.
RC Fun City is a singleplayer game about radio controlled vehicles focused on having fun.
3D fishing simulation with venues all around the world