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Pride Bundle

A sale hosted by Lynn E. O'Connacht
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Pride Sale 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Pride Sale! For the duration of June, to celebrate queer literature, all of my books with queer content (so basically all of them) are 33% off individually and 35% off if you buy them all as a bundle!

All in all, I've got seven books on offer this month. Let me tell you about them, so you know what you'd be getting and whether they appeal!

Among the Glimmering Flowers

This is the first book in an m/f friendship story with a demisexual protagonist. This book is all about friendship and the acespec representation is still fairly subtle. Felicity, being 11, is only just starting to figure out her sexuality. It's a memoir, so much of the commentary discussing sexuality and romance comes from Felicity's far older self.

A Promise Broken

Featuring a transgender aromantic asexual deuteragonist, Arèn, this story focuses on his niece as she deals with depression and grief. Arèn's own story deals with suddenly being expected to care for a child and keeping her safe from internal politics. Queerness is everywhere in this book, though if you're looking for it to drive the plot, that's not this book.

Courage Is the Price

This YA science fantasy story is all about anxiety and overcoming fears. It's also about friendships, crushing on one of your friends, and defeating bullies and evil, not necessarily in that order. It's about coming out of your shell and figuring out what bravery looks like.

Disaster lesbian Rue is a disaster, but subtly because she's a bit preoccupied.

Feather by Feather and Other Stories

This collection features several queer characters in different stories. It has at least one asexual (To Love a Cat), one lesbian (The Swan Maiden) and one nonbinary (Biscuits for the Demon Chorus) protagonist. A couple of explicitly asexual poems are part of this collection as well. Several are word-of-god acespec representation too, but those are the stories I'm including it for.

Sea Foam and Silence

This combines Sea Foam and Silence with its companion A Harmony of Water and Weald and it's a verse novel f/f/m retelling of The Little Mermaid. Featuring a demiromantic asexual mermaid, an aromantic asexual prince and a lesbian princess just trying to find happiness. This is the comforting, fluffy "aspecs get happy endings too" story I wish I'd had growing up.

The Ice Princess's Fair Illusion

An f/f verse novel retelling of King Thrushbeard that is unapologetically and gleefully asexual and aromantic. This story is all about the HEA queerplatonic relationship between Marian (homoromantic asexual) and Edel (aromantic asexual) and their domestic fluff as they recount how they met.

The Shimmering Prayer of Sûkiurâq

An aromantic and nonbinary take on the magical girl genre in novella form. This story features an openly all-queer cast of soon-to-be-BFFs as they find themselves thrust into a conflict they didn't even know existed. This is a bit darker than my work usually is in the second half, but the first half is 100% queer-people-just-hang-out-fluff.

And... that's it for now! That's all the books I've got available for you all at the moment.

About the Author

That's me! Hi! I'm Lynn. I'm an aroace indie author dedicated to creating fun queer literature for queer readers. As you can see, I specialise in fantasy fiction and dabble in science fiction on occasion. I hope something in this bundle appeals!