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You and Your Elements

A sale hosted by jeeyonshim
All items 25% off! or buy everything for $15.00! Regularly $20.00 Save 25%!
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This sale ended 2019-06-12 07:00:00.

You can buy four of my solo player games -- Dear Poppy, First Lesson, Grog, and Pin Feathers//Cloud Studies -- as a $15 bundle. 

Dear Poppy: a game about growing your loved one, who's turned into a small handful of seeds, in fresh earth.

First Lesson: a game about being a creature of the sea and your displacement from your true home in the water.

Grog: a game about being a golem who has done something irredeemable, cleansed by the light of a small, quiet flame.

Pin Feathers//Cloud Studies: a diptych of games about painful transformation, followed by a soaring flight through the healing air.

What are other designers saying about my work?

"Walking under trees, tending soil, or relaxing into warm water, Jeeyon's work invites you to become aware of your own emotional and physical world. She writes with brevity and transparency, never trying to bury or obscure her metaphors; I'm disarmed by the earnesty and grace in this collection of games. I'd recommend her work to anyone who is willing to be vulnerable, with themselves and perhaps a friend."  — Avery Alder, designer of Monsterhearts and The Quiet Year
Games connect us. Sometimes this connection is to fellow players, and sometimes to new stories we get to experience for a few precious moments. But Jeeyon's games do more. Introspective, therapeutic, and physical, they focus on connecting us to the natural world, our bodies, and our inner thoughts. They're deeply personal and the connections they form have a permanence no other games do. In doing so, they're helping to define a brand new wave of game design that we're just beginning to experience. — Hakan Seyalioglu, co-founder of Thorny Games and designer of Sign and Dialect
"Jeeyon Shim is making small, intense games that reflect her lived experience in beautiful ways. Her games help connect players - to the land around them, to their senses, to their most loyal companions, to themselves. I appreciate her work as much for its precision as its beauty. Jeeyon brings both a unique voice and an implicit challenge to form and content that I find delightful and exciting."  — Jason Morningstar, designer of Fiasco! and founder of Bully Pulpit Games

Includes the following items:

a solo LARP about a golem being unmade in the wake of catastrophe
Role Playing
First Lesson, a solo LARP about being near or in the water.