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The Triple-A Ebook Bundle (A-Spec April and Autistic Pride!)

A sale hosted by RoAnna Sylver
All items 25% off! or buy everything for $17.00! Regularly $24.94 Save 31%!
This sale ended 2019-05-01 07:00:00.

For the month of April, in honor of BOTH the A-Spec Read-A-Thon, AND the Autistic Pride Read-A-Thon, you can get ALL of my books with Autistic, Asexual, and/or Aromantic rep (so, like, all of them) for 25% off individually, or save even more on the whole bunch! 

These should count for MANY squares on either/both:

  • Two Or More In Same Book
  • Aro And Ace
  • SFF (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
  • Disabled, Ownvoice/Autistic Author
  • Queer and Trans Rep
  • Indie Published
  • MOON-BRIGHT TIDES is a novella... and has purple on the cover!

I'm an autistic writer, and Annie is named on-page/Riven Very Clearly described, but for real, Regan, Jude, and a lot of others definitely are. I don't think I'm capable of writing neurotypical mains anymore~ A-spec identities at least are all on-page unless noted otherwise, but hopefully very obvious if not!)

The CHAMELEON MOON short stories ALWAYS BE YOU (Ace Romance) and RUNTIME (Ace Action!) are not included in this bundle, but they're free, and always will be!

Here's some brief descriptions, and the specific a-spec chars you'll find inside!

* * *

CHAMELEON MOON (Queer/Trans/Disabled Superheroes Survive A Perma-Burning Dystopian City)

  • Regan, Zilch (biromantic ace), Jenny Strings (demi-aro), Lisette, Wren (aroace QPPs)

THE LIFELINE SIGNAL: (Book 2 of the CHAMELEON MOON series; 3 Queer Teens On A Motorcycle Road Trip Across A Haunted Poison Desert To Save Parole)

  • Anh "Annie" Minh Le (aroace), Rowan (biromantic ace)


  • A ton of CHAMELEON MOON-verse short stories featuring all of the above

STAKE SAUCE (A Cute Soft Punk Vampire Meets A Prickly-On-The-Outside, PTSD-Having Mall Cop. Together They Fight Crime Bad Vampires.)

  • Jude (gay gray-aro gray-ace. Grayro-ace?), Eva (aroace)

MOON-BRIGHT TIDES (A Lonely Witch With A Job She Hates Meets A Lost, Starving Mermaid. They Fall In Love Among Dark Seas And Good Stew.)

  • Riven (demisexual; not outright stated iirc but I think it comes across.

Includes the following items:

Queers Survive A Fiery Dystopia. With Hope. Dys-Hope-Ia.
Book 2 of the Chameleon Moon Series
A Cute Punk Vampire Meets A Cranky Mall Cop. Together, They Fight Crime.
10 More Chameleon Moon Short Stories!