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n0d3::Champions Release Sale!

A sale hosted by entropikz
All items 70% off! or buy everything for $11.97! Regularly $39.97 Save 70%!
of goal
This sale ended 2019-01-31 07:00:00.

Hey everyone!

I wanted to celebrate the release of n0d3::Champions and n0d3::Exodus' recent approval by the Steam team by putting all of my projects on sale until the end of next month!

Now's the best time to get in early! All of my projects will be updated and tuned based on the feedback I get so if you're on the fence about one of my products, I recommend getting it cheap and then sending me feedback! You are my 'investors' so all of your feedback is considered as if my career depends on it! I am also open to customizing my editors and tools to fit your personal needs if needed and all support is free, so please don't hesitate to request support as needed!

All of my products are being offered in a bundle for $11.99 as well!

Get support here!

or email me directly at

The sale is for 70% off retail prices until the end of next month so there's no pressure to buy now. Take your time and make sure you will enjoy the product before you buy! If I'm able to hit my goal for this sale, then I will release my Modular Quest System plugin (Unreal Engine 4 only) for free across all markets!

Thank you all to everyone who has supported my career as a game developer!

I love and appreciate you all so much!


Includes the following items:

Build, loot, and survive in a dynamic Singleplayer or Multiplayer simulation!
An easy to use 2D Text Editing Engine! Bring your story to life!
Enter the Champion's Arena to enjoy a fast paced, cross platform, fighting game similar to Tekken!