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MEGA Thanksgiving Sale

A sale hosted by matthornb
All items 42% off! or buy everything for $1.49! Regularly $3.90 Save 61%!
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This sale ended 2018-12-01 04:59:59.

The Triumphant Artists Thanksgiving 2018 Mega Sale! 

From the morning of Nov. 20th through the end of Nov. 30th, all my products and collections are an impressive  42% off, with a bundle of everything I currently sell on Itch.IO, together, available for 58% off.  (!)

NOTE - all three items in this bundle are proving increasingly popular - if you sort the 4700+ game assets by popularity on Itch.IO, you'll note these three items I'm bundling together are all currently ranked within the top 10% of that massive list!

Items individually?:

Triumphant Artists Complete Collection 2018? 

$1.50 -> $0.87.  This massive pack includes 1200+ texture maps, and over 100 video elements of explosions, fire, smoke, debris bursts, water effects, all compositable and shot at high speed against blue or black backgrounds.

Triumphant Artists Autumn 2018 Bonus Collection? 

$1.00 -> $0.58. Another 15 HD pyrotechnic clips, shot high-speed, and 200+ additional texture maps.

The [Brand New!] Triumphant Artists Stock 3D Nature Asset Pack?

 $1.10 -> $0.64. Includes UV-mapped .FBX/.OBJ 3d meshes and related texture files for over a dozen different plants and 'landscape objects' with more on the way in free package updates over the next few weeks - ultimately I hope to get 50 or 60 items into this package so it'll be an astounding value. I admit I haven't posted updates yet but I *am* still actively working on them and they'll be solid quality - the first one is getting very close to being posted.

All three items together in a bundle? $3.60 -> $1.49. 58% off. Not just Thanksgiving or Black Friday as initially planned. 58% off, for the entire ten days. That's amazing given the sheer amount of content included!

Better yet: If this sale crosses certain thresholds, bonuses will be applied for free. 

If sales totals hit $200, The Miniature Multiverse Extras Pack is given for free to all bundle purchasersa few days after the end of the sale, when the Extras pack is now expected to launch. [around Dec. 5-7]. That's a $1 value added for free.

It includes an early preview demo of the game, an artbook, hint guide/walkthrough, and your name in the credits when the game launches. And by credits, I mean engraved in miniature stone in the final world of the game. 

If sales totals hit $500, the bundle purchases will also count as preorders of the full game 'Miniature Multiverse' - yes, the full [$1.50] version of the game - for everyone who ordered the bundle during this sale. So if that happens... even better value.


That is potentially equivalent to $6.10 in content for $1.49. That is, in effect, 75% off of the usual price for items that are generally considered somewhat under priced to begin with. (!)


1) The Miniature Multiverse Extras and the free copy of the game are not guaranteed to all bundle buyers; you'll only get this later extra value if the related targets are reached. That depends on you all. If the Thanksgiving 2018 sale continues to be a disappointment and fails to reach its ideal target total, of $500 in sales, the release of Miniature Multiverse will not only take longer than I am hoping, but also bundle buyers during the sale will not be given free copies on release, when the release for the game does occur. Sorry. 

2) Just because I'm aiming for $500 in sales, does not mean I'll personally raise anywhere close to $500. I figure it's likely to be somewhere around half that. Keep in mind, every item sold on Itch.IO using PayPal as a payment gateway, loses 30 cents and 2.9% to them, which in the case of some of these items is almost half the price, and when Itch.IO's 10% cut is added on top of that, you'll understand why the goal I've set is $500 and not the $235 I actually need to finish Miniature Multiverse in a timely manner.

3) Your submitted name as a buyer of Miniature Multiverse Extras will be engraved in 'stone' [actually carved into foam, paint and plaster], but the release date when you'll see that in the finished game, isn't. While I had aimed to launch the finished game [Miniature Multiverse] a week before Christmas 2018, that's looking less than likely now, given some time-consuming setbacks and weak sales figures of other things during the Halloween sale this year. 

My best estimate now is that if this Thanksgiving 2018 sale hits or exceeds its target, which is now looking unlikely, the probable release window for the full game is now looking like somewhere between Dec. 20, 2018 and Jan. 30, 2019. If this Thanksgiving sale goes well, there may still be a slight possibility of, but no guarantee of, a functional and complete release in time for Christmas 2018.  This sale would be the last possible chance for a Christmas 2018 release of 'Miniature Multiverse' to still be at all possible.

Bottom line with this is there are still a handful of handcrafted miniature-art areas in the game left to physically build due to lack of miniature / scratchbuilding materials for building them, due to lack of cash. So I figure, assuming roughly $235 minimum is raised here and actually gets to me, that puts me in a position to order all remaining needed materials, plus a handful of additional licensed sound effects and a couple of shaders specific to the last few worlds, and I would be able to have that miniature-crafting stuff shipped to my studio by Dec. 1, fully built and photographed by Dec. 6-7, and integrated into the game by Dec. 20th at the earliest. This wrap up of the few remaining game worlds simply cannot conceivably be done faster than that without seriously compromising the functionality or scope of the remaining content involved. I'd like a release by Christmas but the quality and stability of said release is more important than hitting a somewhat arbitrary deadline. 

If the sales figures turn out to be low again, the 2018 target goes out the window definitively, and I'm thinking the estimated release date range will be more like Jan. 10-Feb. 20, 2019.

These are only approximations. Some things may prove easier or harder than anticipated, but I've done enough work on the game by now to have a fairly good handle on the likely number of hours involved in each type of task in general. 

However, I'm determined to get the game finished one way or another. So it will happen - but you may want to jump in now, so it can happen sooner and so you can grab an amazingly good deal on some solid game development and creative assets.

4) There are some free download links for a few copies of items in this bundle, still available for free at this moment. But if you get the content free, even all three items in the bundle, you won't get the bonus [Miniature Multiverse] stuff with that. But - quite bluntly - at the rate things are going, probably nobody will get those free bonuses unless there's a sudden wave of momentum towards the end of the sale. 

Bottom line - the fact that I'm new to Itch.IO and do not yet have ratings here, is probably why my sales are weak, even if tons of people are looking at all of these items, probably there are issues because nobody has yet posted a rating [star rating] on any of them, and only one of them has a customer comment posted. (It's a really positive comment, though!) So there's a perception that the items I'm selling might not be as good as they look, especially given the cut-rate pricing at this time. Yet if you'll glance at my sales record on eBay, you'll realize that I've got 320+ ratings there, and 100% of them are positive to date. That is indicative of my commitment to providing exceptional value and great content, to customers, and to my focus on responding to, and resolving, any complaints they may have. The same applies to my products on Itch.IO. I am proud of them, I put a ton of effort and skill into making them great, and if you buy them I think you'll agree they are well worth the current asking price!

Includes the following items:

Stock media - 1000+ seamless texture maps, decals, 100+ video elements
Stock textures and footage, a bonus batch for just $1.15.
Realistic 3d plants, in .FBX and .OBJ, over 25 items!