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H+ incorporated (e-book + audiobook)

A bundle hosted by Gary Dejean
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2039: following unprecedented floods, wild capitalism has turned the city of Manila into a technocratic metropolis. The vast majority of the workforce left unemployed by rising automation, unrest is quashed with limited ability.

An orphaned child getting slowly used to his full-body prosthetic befriends a young journalist who herself hopes to one day be fitted with similar implants. Together they explore options to customize their respective bodies.

Meanwhile, a secretive military contractor is tasked with gathering a strike team. Equipped with the latest weaponry, they train for a product demonstration of combat exoskeletons to a corrupt government.

Hard-science anticipation with a strong dose of cyberpunk, H+ incorporated is an epic focused on the transformation of the human condition in the technological era.

Book cover illustration by Pablo Kerry.

Read the prologue over at or listen to the audiobook version below.


Audiobook read by Conrad Zimmerman

Conrad Zimmerman is a writer, game designer, podcaster and critic living in Philadelphia.

Adept of the cyberpunk genre since forever, he kindly jumped on board to offer you a smooth storytelling experience. I strongly encourage that you take a listen to the prologue below.

Learn more about his past and ongoing projects at

Includes the following items:

Hard-science cyberpunk epic about the transformation of the human condition in the technological era
Cyberpunk novel read by Conrad Zimmerman