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Spooderman The Video Game: II Valentine's Day Sale W/ Special Character

A sale hosted by Spooder Team
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This sale ended 2015-02-15 05:00:00.

Looking for a Valentine's Day gift for your significant other? How about the gift of Dank Memes! From now, until the 15th, Spooderman The Video Game: II will be on Sale. But wait! There's more! If you Purchase Spooderman II in this time frame on, you will receive a Special Character. Who's this character you ask? Well, it's the never before seen, Maskless Spooderman! But you better act fast, because this Character won't be here for long. So what are you waiting for? Get Spooderman II, and the Maskless Spooderman For $0.49 I might add ;) Which means, you're getting More, for Less Because we love you so much :).

Play as the Memes Spooderman, Gooby, or Dolan on their Quest to get revenge on Voodm.