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Build To Survive Summer Sale 100% Off!!!

A sale hosted by HoldOnGames
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This sale ended 2018-06-27 05:00:00.

Becuase of the succes of Build To Survive I made a sale. In the last week Build To Survive made 150 downloads. Besides that Build To Survive made over two thousand views. This helps me a lot for expanding and updating Build To Survive. Be sure to get it, becuase it has a time limit of 7 days.

In Build To Survive you literally build to survive. In this game you build a shelter against the meteors. The only two problems are, that you have 30 seconds to build a shelter, and you need to build your shelter in the border. Luckily for you that your best friend is dropping some supplies out of a cargo plane. In Build To Survive you have 3 different modes: waves, normal and sandbox. Waves: You need to survive as many rounds as possible. Normal: You need to survive against the meteor. Sandbox: You can do whatever you want to do. You can build a strong, pretty or big shelter. In each mode are 7 different levels. Every level is themed by a material. In Build To Survive you have 30+ objects. The nice part about this game is that you can decide wich object/Material you want to see in the game. Keep in mind that Build To Survive is an early acces game and will be updated ones in a while. This game is available for: Windows, Mac.

You have over 30+ objects.
3 different modes: Normal, Waves, Sandbox (+ Toturial).
7 different levels.
Every level is themed by a material.
Every round takes about 1 minute.
There is a repair system.
You can grab/release the objects.
There is Builders mode: with builders mode you can see how much health an object have.
Boundary: After 30 seconds you need to be in the boundary.
You can decide wich object/material you want to see.

Build To Survive is a game where you build a shelter to survive against the meteors.