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Play Spheroid for free, April only! I'd really like some feedback too, please.

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Spheroid for free! but april only! hurry my friends, and get a game key,

while I sit in my chair in my humble abode, making a game with so much left to code.

"but why do you rhyme?" i can hear you all say, i would explain but i dont have all day.

the sun here is setting, its well after noon! in fact, i think, i can see the moon!

I dont think i know where you want me to go, as a game dev. i'd like to get feedback, y'know!

I would sure also like to get known, so share with your friends! and those loved ones at home.

UPDATE: due to unforseen stuff on my end, this version of spheroid will now remain free forever- but will NOT be updated. 

See here for more details:

Roll a ball through worlds with varying themes and obstacles to overcome.