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​Tyler Warren RPG Battlers - Mega Bundle

A bundle hosted by Tyler Warren RPG Battlers
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Tyler Warren RPG Battlers - Ultimate Bundle

Short Description
If you just gotta have it all, this bundle is for you!  A massive collection of RPG making resources at your command.  This bundle includes all the assets found in Tyler’s battler packs from the 1st 50 to the 6th 50 as well as the assets from the new Super Boss Series #1.   

- Over 2.5 Gb of amazing graphic assets
- 320+ Unique battlers with matching facesets, many alternate colors and extras!
- Files formatted for easy Plug and Play into RPG Maker
- All battlers are presented in sizes ranging from large to small
- Battlers also come in recommended sizes (proportional to each other)
- Each battler is also provided in an optional “soft-filtered” version
- Art style similar in spirit to the classic whimsical RPG characters of Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior)

Note:  this bundle does not include Tyler's pixel-style packs (1-3)

Terms and Conditions 

UNLIMITED COMMERCIAL USE LICENSE:  All assets purchased through are royalty free and are usable in any engine without limitations.

Includes the following items:

50 classic RPG monsters (battlers) from illustrator Tyler Warren!
50 more colorful characters created in the spirit and style of classic RPGs!
50 more imaginative monsters from Tyler Warren. Slimes and Dragons!
50 more monsters from Tyler Warren! Tyler re-imagines the RPG Maker RTP monsters
50 more dynamic monsters silhouettes from Tyler Warren's darker side perfect for battle or logo creation
Tyler Warren returns with his 6th 50 set of amazing battlers! It’s time for some Monster Evolution!
1st of Tyler Warren's Super Boss Series of Battlers! Because every game deserve a fantastic Final Boss