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csanyk gms asset bundle

A bundle hosted by csanyk
Buy everything for $6.00! Regularly $10.00 Save 40%!
This sale ended 2019-03-31 04:00:00.

Buy all of csanyk's (paid) assets for GameMaker Studio for one low price!

  • iMprOVE_WRAP: an improvement on the GML move_wrap() function, with advanced features.
  • mmap mini maps:  a powerful, flexible, easy to use mini map system .
  • PNG2Room: convert a image editor into a level designer by color-keying pixels to objects and generate a room from a bitmap image.
  • scrollsnap: snaps the view one screen at a time rather than continuously following an object.
  • Z3D Engine: a fake-3d engine designed for simplicity, efficiency, performance, and ease of use.

Purchased individually, these would cost $14.00.  My latest asset, Z3D Engine, by itself is $5.00.  Buy the bundle for just $6.00!

I'd add the free assets to the bundle too, but doesn't allow free assets to be included in a sale bundle for some reason. Be sure to grab the free assets if you haven't already!

  • Min Font: Four free minimalist pixel fonts.
  • Mouse Double Click: Simple, easy to use double click support for your GameMaker project.
  • Simple Performance Test: (A|B) performance test framework to prove which code is faster.
  • KBTester: get the signal value  GameMaker sees from any key stroke.

Includes the following items:

Store level data for your GM:S project in an image file. Now any image editor is a level editor!
Is move_wrap() too limited for your GameMaker: Studio project? Try iMprOVE_WRAP instead!
Snap your GameMaker: Studio views one chunk at a time instead of scrolling. For that retro feel.
Powerful, flexible, beautifully coded & documented mini map system for your GameMaker project.
Fake-3D "2.5D" engine for GameMaker Studio