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Founder's Edition

A sale hosted by Abandoned Funhouse
Buy for 50% off!
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This sale ended 2023-10-10T04:00:00Z.

Become a Founder.

Pre-Order 50% Off

o Game Will Be Playable Aprox. 24 Hours After Your Pre-Order for Testing Purposes. Game is currently in development and Expansions will be added once every two weeks. Update Info will be posted 1 week before update.

You Will be given access to game Via Inbox with a Key To Play Game Early.
After full version has a official release Your early access key will be revoked. 
You will then access the game normally via game library or 
Via Desktop App (Windows, Linux, Mac)
Game Saves may or may not be erased. (If Signed In Via G develop Auth)

o Game Saving will be added in future update after first expansion update.

 New Locations to explore Added every week.

o New Mechanics Added every week such as Inventory System, Currency, Trading, Perks, Abilities, Skills and Life Style Changes.

o Every New Expansions will raise the max level to account for the Content added in game. Example: Max Level in Demo Version is 2. as for the first expansion for the full version will be 10. then later on upped to 20 and then to 40 and so on. we expect our max level in game to be 1000 in the end of the games life cycle. we expect to include Hundreds of Hours of Gameplay into the Game. Including Farmable Dungeons / Bosses.

o Every Pre-Order Towards this game will help develop the game and encourage us to put more time into tweaking features and making new content.  Suggestions will be heard and will be made if suitable.