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lol no u



staj i flash i download za frost

something like kinrpg did in the brainstorming thread

So this is what i mean:

tHE Game itself has the nokie resolution, but theres a nokia around it, if you understand. this one

This'd make the perfect mobile game

I loved playing this game, but the ending is really dull.

Doesn't work for me
This is basically a really poslished version of my game, plus the notes. Good job man. What a little polish can do.

It's really hard to grab the people. You have to really acurately click on one spot of their beard, making it not fun. You should fix this.

I agree, you should really change it to A and D, or better - add custom key binds

loved this game. You're committed to the grind, but math is a bit too hard. It'd be better if you could use the calculator.

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It's much better! This is a great game. I wouldn't be able to make games every week. Mad respect man.

Awesome game! One of the better indie metroid vanias i've playes, but the ending is very underwhelming.

Wow, i didn't even notice those

I love the art and sounds, But the game wasn't really challenging because there are only 2 points. Moybe if you could put more levels with diferent enemy building and more points it woulds be more fun.

From the moment the game started to when i had to go, i was hooked. Its so polished you could spend hours just looking through the menu.

The music also fits perfectly with the whole game and the whole game is just perfect.

I read this

This looks amazing! At first sight i thought it was a psuedo-3D game, then i saw that you can look up and down. The artstyle is great too! loved the game

i wrote that the game was pong, but now i added another paragraph at the end. 

Great game! Loved every second playing it. Puzzle design is amazing too, and the difficulty curve is perfect

Looks cool

These are great! Very creative and there are lots too chose from.

These look amazing! Awesome work

Download the background and 52 other tiles in my tileset

this looks amazing! great work

The game was great, and i did really enjoy it, but if you plan on updating it it'd be good to explain the movement

Good concept but enemies sometines spawn right under you and damage you without you being able to defend yourself

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Ay game's broken on! Download coffeeJam_full.exe for a non broken version.

Great game and the concept i amazing, but the controls are really hart to master. I spent half the game not knowing that you go to the cursor, so it'd be good to explain that in-game, but other than that, it was great

Thats actually a really good idea. If you can make it say salary instead of coins that would be great!

love the art

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I have a huge sound library on my computer that you can download and use if you like. It has tons of sounds and you'll probably find what you're looking for here

also, the whole thing is about 400 kb

I played the game and it is much better. Keep up the good work!


This is a good game. The idea behind it is good but when you move the car leftand right it feels robotic. Try adding an animation and easing to the car (by that i mean make it turn a bit and excelerate). Also, the second level is good, but i've died in some places where i don't hit anything, and you should have something like a warning or at least make it gradually get faster instead of suddenly speeding up. Finally, i think the music should'nt restart every time you die, because it gets really annoying. Still, this is a pretty good game and i enjoyed playing it.

whats your best score? mine's -1000

I won once, but only used a knife. Make ammo more common.