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Yay, custom cursors are back to my game! Thank you.

Can confirm, doesn't work in x64:

LoadLibraryW C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\GameMakerStudio2\GMS2TEMP\Magic_of_Spring_37CE7CDB_YYC\window_set_cursor.dll failed with error code 126

ETA on the update?

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Module explanations:


Don't miss out on this gold! I've made several commercial games with Bert composing music for them, and it's really made the games much better.

Magic of Spring
(Not on yet)

Sorry, right, it's a bit much.

Oh man, I hope you'll recover swiftly :o
Also, waw, the game is very cute! Keep it up.

"The stories of making your dream game first and failing hard, were all over the internet."

Eh, that's noise. They are probably talked about situations where financial success was required. Making money from games is really hard, but having fun and exploring your creative capabilities and needs, gaining experience is really easy, so just relax and have fun.

Sounds like it would be a 'beefy' game if it was finished :o
Good luck!

Seems like it was difficult though.
There, there... Have a virtual hug from me =]

Well, any progress is good, even if a little: +1

"I think one of the main issues I have is that I can over estimate what I can do in an amount of time. I though 10 days to do the main coding, 20 days for 10 levels. It took from the top of my head 12-14 days for the main coding and 16-18 days for 4 levels."

Oh, god, I've been making games for 8 years now and I have this problem all the time. The only advice I could is: Double the expected time and pray to lords of chaos that it'll be enough.

That's a beefy Post-Mortem, nice. If you can give so much effort to this, I'd guess you'll be fine.

"I found keeping everything as a simple .txt document to be the most effective for me."

That doesn't sound like a bad idea at all.

"As the old adage goes: "No plan survives first contact with the enemy," and I think that's especially true when it comes to any sort of creative endeavor."

Big true.

Making a game - any game - is an achievement, +1

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Looks awesome for something made in 6 (5?) days! You're a pro =]

Welcome to game development! It's crazy, haha.

One thing you could learn is to split walls of text with the use of newlines. It's extremely difficult to read walls of text ;)

The sprites are cute! Good job on Devtober stuff, you get it =]

Nice work!

Congrats! Seems like you had a good time.

Good job!

Nice, nice.

Congrats! And thanks for posting =]

Ah, don't be too hard on yourself. My games never meet the original vision and I don't think it's bad. It's just part of the work, I think, a lot of things you have to figure out as you go. And hey, maybe it'll turn out much better. That happens =]

Good job! The game seems like a pretty nice start. I kind of wish enemies were more threatening. Also, you can get a group of enemies stuck in a doorway.

Aw. Better luck next time? Sending a virtual hug.

I myself a hardcore GameMaker, but seems like it would be a good idea to check out Godot. Maybe next Devtober? ;)

Thanks for posting =]
Sad stories are important too. Sending a virtual hug!

Hard relate! I should read more posts like that because while I know all these thanks to 8 years of experience in game development, I tend to ignore that wisdom out of stubbornness/excitement.

Thanks for posting.

Interesting to read about RPG development, since I'm making one as well! I've followed you.

Good job! Making an MMO/MUD even if a text one seems like an ambitious project.

Thank you!

Oh, sorry, it should say 1.7.0 now, that's the latest version of the game.


I assume it's okay to use it however I want? Commercially, etc.?
I haven't seen the license mentioned anywhere.

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Hey all,

A developer I know just released his game and I want as many people as possible to hear about it because it's, well, very good!

A high-quality adventure-type game with impressive attention to detail, submerged in a unique atmosphere and set in a very interesting world.


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purification plant


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nitra 3107

Get answers to your questions about LOTLW.
Questions are usually answered within a day.

Share your thoughts and report problems here to help make the game better =]

Q: How to enable multiplayer?
A: Go to options and press the player 2 toggle button, then go to the main menu and start a new game.
Starting a new game is important because it lets player 2 create their character.
Once player 2 is created, the player 2 toggle button can be used freely to swap between the singleplayer and multiplayer.

Q: We don't have controllers, can we still play together?
A: For the best experience it's recommended to have a controller for one of the players, but the multiplayer can be played without any controllers.

Q: We want to try player-versus-player combat. What do we need?
A: The only requirement is that the players have to belong to different factions.
The easiest way to do that is for one of the players to equip a pink cape which can be purchased from Chaos agent NPC in Moonrise Desert.

Q: We don't want to fight each other, how do we stop dealing damage to our characters?
A: The easiest way to make sure players can't damage each other is to stay faction-neutral: Don't have any items with "Changes faction to..." equipped.
Alternatively, both players can equip items of the same faction.

Q: Can controls be changed? How to enable controllers?
A: To customize controls and enable controllers, open options and go to "Player 1 controls" and "Player 2 controls".

Q: Will there be online multiplayer?
A: There already kind of is thanks to Steam's Remote Play Together.
Besides that, no, there won't be built-in online multiplayer.

I think the rating matters on, so please don't forget to rate the game ^_^