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Thank you!

Oh, sorry, it should say 1.7.0 now, that's the latest version of the game.


I assume it's okay to use it however I want? Commercially, etc.?
I haven't seen the license mentioned anywhere.

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Hey all,

A developer I know just released his game and I want as many people as possible to hear about it because it's, well, very good!

A high-quality adventure-type game with impressive attention to detail, submerged in a unique atmosphere and set in a very interesting world.


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purification plant


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nitra 3107

Get answers to your questions about LOTLW.
Questions are usually answered within a day.

Share your thoughts and report problems here to help make the game better =]

Q: How to enable multiplayer?
A: Go to options and press the player 2 toggle button, then go to the main menu and start a new game.
Starting a new game is important because it lets player 2 create their character.
Once player 2 is created, the player 2 toggle button can be used freely to swap between the singleplayer and multiplayer.

Q: We don't have controllers, can we still play together?
A: For the best experience it's recommended to have a controller for one of the players, but the multiplayer can be played without any controllers.

Q: We want to try player-versus-player combat. What do we need?
A: The only requirement is that the players have to belong to different factions.
The easiest way to do that is for one of the players to equip a pink cape which can be purchased from Chaos agent NPC in Moonrise Desert.

Q: We don't want to fight each other, how do we stop dealing damage to our characters?
A: The easiest way to make sure players can't damage each other is to stay faction-neutral: Don't have any items with "Changes faction to..." equipped.
Alternatively, both players can equip items of the same faction.

Q: Can controls be changed? How to enable controllers?
A: To customize controls and enable controllers, open options and go to "Player 1 controls" and "Player 2 controls".

Q: Will there be online multiplayer?
A: There already kind of is thanks to Steam's Remote Play Together.
Besides that, no, there won't be built-in online multiplayer.

I think the rating matters on, so please don't forget to rate the game ^_^

I'll be checking this and other entries tomorrow.

We did it, Warner Bros is devastated, devastated, I say :^)

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To-do list: (For when I feel like I want to update the game)

- Module effect explanations.
- New modules.

And done!

Please rate the game if you like it! Thank you =]
(Also if you need help with the game, I'm here)

Phew, what a day. ~8 hours and it's still not done. But I'm very close.

Wrapping things up, working on graphics:

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elevator ruins

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Yay, abilities are in! Characters gain 100 power at the start of each season, capped at 1000 - you can choose to use abilities constantly, or save up for Swap/Assassinate. Swap switches artifacts, and Assassinate instantly kills the opponent. So you can scheme for ten seasons, then suddenly assassinate the top character and gain a bunch of levels. Intended as a catch-up mechanic.

Now the player gets to decide one of the character's opponents. It's quite fun already, this Nemesis system stuff is really something.

I've sat for good 20 minutes because I just had to become the highest level character :)

I'll keep working for another few days.

Names aren't generated - for now? - and they simply attack each other randomly. I'll make a playable character later.

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AI ability use
Damage notifications
Duel results
Generated knight names
Different sprites for different knights
New artifacts and random artifact distribution
Better font
Improve endgame
Improve destruction AI
Remove heal on level-up
Reduce leveling speed, +1 XP per level-up
Solve the first-turn-attacking problem
Victory condition: Be a highest level character by cycle 30
Improve AI.
Buff modules
Stat tracking and knight comments

Randomize starting stats
Main menu & credits

- - -

Hey all, I've joined jam today - whenever that is on your timezone - and this is my progress so far:

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stellar residence group

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midnight anomaly

And done.

Hm, okay, I'll try to make it this week.

Hmm, you think it would help?

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Sector Six is a side-scrolling, sci-fi shooter with a silhouette aesthetic, procedural loot, extensive customization, and story missions.

After years on Steam where it was played and enjoyed by thousands, the game finally comes to!

Get it now for a historically low price - Sector Six enters with its first 80% discount! page link >>

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the eight

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data scape

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winter tower

Yeah, unfortunately.

Not at the moment.

Until you change controls - yes. I think.

Yes, it's possible for both players to play using one keyboard. To do that, you must select "Use keyboard" in player 1 and player 2 control option. Then remap keys so that player 1 would use WASD to move and player 2 would use arrow keys for example.

Be aware of button limit though - in some setups the keyboard only registers up to 4 button presses at a time.

If you have no controllers I recommend using Player 1 - Keyboard and Player 2 - Mouse.

Hit ESC anywhere in the game and click "Toggle player 2"

You might also want to customize controls after that. I think best way to play is if player 1 uses keyboard and mouse, and player 2 uses a controller. Or two controllers.

...Basically experiment and find what works best for you.