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"Feedback forum" link in-game is broken?

Other than that, no new feedback, it's nice to see game getting better =]

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It works!

Problem 1:

I finally got to logging layers (+DS list with tilemaps stored with room_pack_store_tilemaps) -

This cleared up some confusion: Tilemaps don't have to be assigned to layers.
So I figured out how to get tilemap names and came up with this code:

It runs whenever room is loaded and stores correct tilemap positions in tilemap_list.

Now I need to create two tilemap lists, because I need two rooms loaded, and whenever room is loaded, it creates new tilemaps - currently I store just the last loaded room's tilemaps - the other room's collisions stop working.

If two tilemap lists will work, it'll be done. I hope I'm not doing something horribly wrong.

This is the code I use to log layers, just in case:

Problem 2:

I managed to fix it - the problem was that loaded room object create events fails to set layers, probably because of how room loading works.

"GMRoomPack tries to find room's each layer by name (via layer_get_id), and, if there isn't one, creates it at the original depth."

So if I made sure that packed room and room in which packed room is loaded to have layers with same names, the "layer_get_id" would work properly?

Currently instance layers have different names - "Instances" and "sort_begin".

"As of issue #1, are you loading multiple tilesets into the same room? You might need to store the actual tilesets into a separate list (and loop over them) but it's hard to tell with this little context."

Yes, I'm loading 2 tilesets. What else do you need to know?

"Needless to say, this makes issue #2 a bit mysterious - perhaps you are loading a room with another controller object and GM declines to create duplicate layers? I'd suggest to try logging IDs of your grid layers."

Okay, I'll do that the next day.

Hello, I have just bought your product, and I'm trying to implement it.

I've run  into problems with layers and tilemaps.

Problem 1:

How do I get correct tilemap ID's for tile collision checking?

For example, this code:

I created a tilemap list - global.tilemap_list - using room_pack_store_tilemaps() , and m_pos_collisions is equal to 2. This works until I try to load another room because I assume tilemap_list changes.

How do I always get correct tilemap for my collision checking and other purposes?

Problem 2:

I need layers for depth sorting and loading rooms seem to mess this up - it doesn't work anymore.

So the main problem is that I don't know what room loading does to layers.