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I knew it!!

Hahahah this was awesome! 

Glad I could be of help :) 

I think it's obvious he's shut himself in and doesn't want anyone to be close to him,  but still he yearns for companionship. To be honest I think that when he said that loads of girls walked around with his writing on their body isn't true, for some reason I think Robin is probably either the only one he's slept with in a long time or atleast one of the few, I don't believe he's slept with many people...I also think that he feels that he and Robin are similar and Robin being well..Robin is probably the only person who does not judge him on either his behaviour or the choices he has made.  She knows what it's like to be treated like Sh*t and their romance will probably take some time to really develop...and be really, really passionate. because they are both strong willed and creative, It starts with them obviously being attracted to each other and deepens because everytime Seth will try to push Robin away, she won't go. because that's how she is, she's there for you, she sticks with her friends, she's loyal....atleast that's what I think about her :)....and it's kind of what she's showed in other routes, either friendship or romance. 

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I agree with Skeleton Unicorn, just finishing the character routes would be enough! and RockRobin 2 would definately be a dream come true but I'd be happy with just this already. I've played the game multiple times and even my husband likes it, he likes messing around with the band logo's and tells me how I should name my band and stuff haha. 

I do hope you find the motivation to complete this game, as I think it's truly the best visual novel I have ever played!

Just finished the demo, I also like the more serious tone and I can't wait to see how Frederique's route will fit into all of this! also the loveless marriage route was fun to read as well and the comment about his rooms being too far and that sounding just perfect to Lolanthe really cracked me up haha.

Found this game by chance some days ago...been playing everyday since :D i absolutely adore it! please please please update??