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A member registered Aug 17, 2017

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I loved the mood and enjoyed managing the bar during the 10-years period. My bar had around 8-10 glory holes in the end. I wish I could be that successful in real life!

Excellent design (visual and sound design), very coherent aesthetic and mechanics. Overall, a very exquisite experience!

Hey, Oracl3, I'm interested. I'll send you a message :)

Hello, my name is Estefanía.

This is my first RainbowJam, but I've participated in a couple of Global Game Jams and Ludum Dare.

I'm a musician, but have also worked with other aspects of game audio. 

I'd like to do some music/SFX and/or work in game design and writing.

In the future, I'd love to be a game developer so I'm taking some steps towards that. I've just finished a basic C# programming for videogames course and done some Unity tutorials from the Unity website.  Currently doing a Udemy Unity course as well.

Game jams are an excellent opportunity to grow and learn from awesome people from different backgrounds and parts of the world. I'd love to join a team. I hope it's not too late for that.