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I'd rate this game 80/100. - It's pretty nice and I enjoyed it.

The graphics: 15/20
I'm not a fan of black and white graphics to be honest, and it feels weird to have some parts of that coloured, like the water in "Mother"'s room. Plus, I didn't like the way the items look in the bar on the bottom. I'd have enjoyed pixel art more than pictures like that. But still, it looks good and lights give it a great ambience.

The sounds: 14/20
I wasn't very fan of the sounds during the whole game. But I liked how tense it was at the end of the game. So yeah, you lose points because of the main bgm that doesn't add much to the experience.

The story: 18/20 - Careful: spoils.
I like how you denunciate violence against children with that game. Not sure if that's the message you want us to understand, but the depressive thoughts of the girl makes it very deep. Plus the "I need help" makes it way deeper. To me, it means that we can't always carry the world by ourselves and that we should always try and ask for help. This is a pretty nice ending to me. I would just say the story goes to fast to understand everything. Like, it's not that it's difficult to understand, it's just too fast. And you don't have time to get attached to the protagonist, so you don't feel sad about her being empty. Still, the story is pretty cool, I'm just a bit frustrated of the speed of the story.

Difficulty: 15/20 - Careful: spoils.
Well, there isn't any difficulty in the game. But I'll judge this part with how the player feels. Like, does the player understand what they have to do? Not always. In fact, there are three different moments in the game:
- The beginning: "Mother" tells us everything to do, so it's pretty clear. You can even sleep while playing, there's no problem.
- The moment when "Mother" is out. If you've been curious enough, you know exactly what to do. But the part in "Mother"'s room was enough to show the players what to do. You just have to use your brain a little more.
- The escape. OH DEAR. I hate you so much for that. I forgot to save. I HAD TO START ALL OVER AGAIN. A little reminder to save after each sleep would've been pretty good. Because restarting everything was boring. Welp, I didn't know where to go, too. I had to start again a lot, because I was stuck at the beginning, I couldn't find a way out. It was just a little part, but yeah, I almost rage quitted.

Gameplay: 18/20
Oh how I enjoyed the gameplay. Having to use items to unlock some parts of the game, it was pretty good. The "?" over the items you can interact with was a great thing I honestly loved. But well, you can't get a 20/20 with this @!*%$# SlowText plugin. It makes the game slooooooooooow as hell. It's boring more than interesting. You should consider using it differently next time, or not using it at all. I feel like it makes no sense in this game, or just sometimes when the protagonist talks to her "Mother". But I felt like you used it way too much.

So, it's a pretty cool game, I enjoyed it enough to start it all over again just to know the ending. I feel like the story has a deep meaning but you don't need to understand it to understand the story in itself. So it's a matter of whether you want to play it smart or just don't think about it and just follow the story. The player can choose what to understand and it's good. A child could play the game and an adult could see a real meaning of this game. Even though it's slow because of that text plugin, it's a very cool game. I really enjoyed it, and hey, enjoy your vote!

Oh, thank you for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

The tutorial was kinda hard to make, because I didn't want to be too "out" of the story, I still wanted people to be carried away by the game and I was scared it would do the exact opposite. I'm glad it doesn't seem to be much of an issue!

Mmh, for the interaction with everything, I'm very much of someone who likes when everything says something. What feels pretty wrong to me is the second map, where all the trees say the same thing. I couldn't figure out how to make them say anything else. Random answers could be a great idea, but I think it'd have been a pain to do during the jam. I finished early, but all the "balancing" took me so much time I couldn't spend more time with that.

Okay, the last dungeon was mainly me enjoying making people suffer. Maybe did I abuse it, though. People seemed to rage quit quite easily, but I didn't want to change it very much, 'cause it was, to me, the most interesting part of the game. Now that I think of it, a month after I made it, yeah, it was probably too hard. And no, you didn't miss the save point, I intendedly put no save point for you to feel very tensed when doing the third boss on the second floor. Why? Because I feel like death must be a pain and must be feared. Randomness makes it quite weird though, sometimes it feels like you cannot win.

I understand this may be pretty hard and frustrating and I apologise for that. But I'm not very good with balancing (you can't imagine how much time I had to spend on the little fairies to make them not kill you all time (and they still kill you sometimes, even if they shouldn't) and I got pretty much satisfied with what I finally got. So I decided to let it that way.

For the Witch, trust me, she can be extremely hard. Or maybe did I nerf her, but I know that I could die with 75% of my maximum health in one attack, just because it stunned me and I could do nothing for 2-3 turns. And hey! Poison! (you can see I love poison, there's poison everywhere in the game).

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, and I currently haven't planned to continue that game, but seeing this review makes me think about it more seriously ^-^

By the way, have you got all the knowledge of the game? Because even when knowing the whole game and not dying, I finished it in like... 40-50 minutes? But maybe did you say it was a bit short because it's around an hour long :D

Thank you, and good luck for the contest too, if you entered it! :D

'kay, I got it. The thing I said they were attacking from 2-3 blocks away... it's never more than 2 blocks. This time, it's the pixel movement that messes with you: event touch is triggered when the case the event is going to is next to the case where the player is. The thing is, as it's a pixel movement, it triggers it somehow too early.

Ahah that's good then! :D

I hope I'll play it longer than I did yet :3 and you had no luck for this jam :/ but you've made it, that's already good (even though it's not perfect yet ~ and I doubt any game can be perfect '-').

Huh, switches, again and again :') they are powerful, but when they are forgotten... they hurt so much :')

Damn,  I feel so bad for that harsh 0/20 now '-'

Though I'm glad you could listen to what I said and correct some parts fast ^^
I'll try it again after the jam if you push a new update, maybe will I enjoy it more! :D

But careful, I may put another review on the game page if I do so... :P

I'd rate this game 41/100

First, the graphics.
They look pretty cool, but they don't made me say "woah". They are harmonious, that's very great! So, for that, I'd rate them 16/20.

Second, the sounds.
Some are RTP, some I don't know if they are RTP or not, but they sound cool. Though, I really felt like they didn't always fit the game, or they weren't well-associated between them. It left me a pretty bad feeling, so for that, I would only rate them 12/20.

Third, the story.
Huh, it's probably just me, but I didn't really understand the story. It seems like you're a fairy that is against other fairies to get a better job or something like that. I didn't really understand, and I wasn't fascinated by that story. So I'd give it a 7/20, as it is probably because I stopped playing really fast (see further).

Fourth, the difficulty.
Huh, it was a mix of difficult and not difficult. Like, you don't have difficulty playing the game, so you're not totally entertained, but there is a difficulty due to a lack of informations. Like you have to look at some flowers or whatever it is during day two, but you don't know what it is, or where it is (maybe did I read too fast, so if that's the case, I'm sorry). I only rated it 6/20.

Fifth, the gameplay. There may be some spoilers. Read carefully.
So, my rating is probably really harsh on that point, but I really didn't enjoyed it at all. So, let's start. You have a lot of cutscenes with text. That's a good thing, when skipping text works correctly. I don't know how you made it, but each time a message was completely written, I had to wait one second before being able to press enter. It did that on every message, plus the waiting you put with \|, \., ... I was afraid they would never finish. That's part of why I read all the messages extremely fast so I could skip them faster. And it made me miss some informations, which reduces the rating of the story point. But that's not all, then comes the play time. You can talk to no one but people that give you quests. And even when they gave you the quests, you cannot talk to them again. And what if I want them to remind me my quest? No way,  I cannot do that. Pretty sad. Putting stones give the same effect, without the frustration of not being able to talk to them. Ok, ok. Let's continue. On my quest to water, I do another quest which is finding someone missing. Wait, I've finished a quest I've never started! I have to admit, I talked to the NPC after finishing the quest. So having him telling me to go find someone I already found is pretty strange. Plus having that same NPC talking to me as if he gave me the quest before when I finish it. Pretty bad design, and pretty strange. Then I go where the water is. I go straight forward into something that seems to be a building. Waiiiiit! I cannot enter it. So I try to go back, but NOPE. You've put a useless event there to prevent people from running away. A progression block? Oh no, I just had to press the enter key to open the doors. Just walking on it should be enough to open a door. Inside, there is nothing (as many other rooms, by the way). Then I take the water and give it to the cooking fairy. Then day two. I have to take these things I've never heard of before. Ok, ok. I finally find a rock I need to push. Yeah, I pushed it, I can enter! Wait, what? I pushed it once again! NO NO NO NO NO. You didn't check the skip if cannot move option when doing the move route. Aaaah, progression block. I ALT F4.

I honestly tried to continue the game as much as I could to find a positive point, and I'm still trying to find one without continuing the game. I cannot. I'm sorry, I really enjoyed nothing about the gameplay. And by nothing, I mean nothing. Maybe only the maps were looking good, but that belongs to graphics. I'm sorry to say that, but to me, the gameplay has no point, and I'm not even sure you opened your game to test it. That progression block is more than obvious. Either you did a bad bug testing or you did none. So it's a 0/20 for me.

Sorry for the late answer, but I couldn't just hide forever :v I wanted to answer that ^

For the power-ups, I agree the disappearing feature could be pretty cool. Maybe did I forgot to mention (probably) that it'd be better not to have them disappearing like that. You know, having them switching from transparent and non-transparent very fast a few seconds before they disappear so you can know it would be pretty cool too :D but now that IGMC is over, maybe will you implement a better collision system? :P

Eh, maybe was it just me, but I felt like they were attacking me from far away. I don't know how, but I felt it .-.

Ehh, I don't play the game knowing it is designed to last an hour, as some games will be longer than that. So I just played it as I would do for any other game, 30 mins or 6 hours long. I didn't know you hadn't to grind. My bad, then ^^ I'm sorry for the harsh part about the game design, after reading it again, maybe I could've said it differently. So, the thing is, they are unlimited.  Having a save point in shops is okay, but having unlimited heal is not. Maybe make it so you can only heal yourself with it once, but can save an unlimited amount of times for the same pillars? And for bosses, only having a save point that doesn't heal, so if you lost some hp, you keep that amount of hp lost. Because honestly, maybe is it just me, but having to travel again to fight that boss again isn't what I enjoy much. It reminds me a bit of Dark Souls 3, which was indeed a great game, but not my type, as I prefer respawning and going directly to the boss to train on it until I know how to beat it.

Okay, I understand how they spawn now, thanks for clarifying it!

I didn't they to remove randomness completely, but limiting it. I don't know how your game is made, but having a spawn limit so you don't get overwhelmed by the monsters would be nice. And also having a minimum, though having 1 minute to rest from time to time is nice ^^

For the running away thing, that's just because when you have like 15 monsters all around you, you'd rather fight one of them close to it than try to stay away from it, as you cannot do that because they're all around you. But the thing is, if you do that, you get easily punished. Maybe my lack of controller skill is what made me lose a lot of hp (as it says it's better with controller, I followed that advice). But okay, I understand.

Mmh, that's what I understood, then ^^

Of course your answers are your points of view, as my review were mine. I understand that and I'm glad you took the time to answer it. I only hope you'll take time to correct some parts after IGMC is over, because it has potential and it could be very nice! :D

thank you so much! I didn't think people would enjoy it that much 😁

I'm glad you liked it! It honestly was a crappy test to see how the lighting plugin could be improved, so yeah, it needs more work on it ^^

So, I'd say the game is so-so. Not so nice, not so bad.

Let me explain. I was quite surprised of the pixel movement and the combat system. It is pretty nice, but pretty buggy too. Sometimes you walk on drops but you don't reach them, so that slime hurts you because you took risks to take it, but it was useless, and then it disappears. It's quite frustrating, honestly.

Some enemies were attacking me from really far away (two-three blocks ahead, I don't know why), and I lost some parts of my life because of that. So, hey, nice, you can drop healing items! Erm, I probably were lucky, as they are really rare. And I'd rather see a system were only drops would heal you, but they'd be dropped a bit more than this save & heal points. Like, why? You lose all the fear of game-over, as they are unlimited. Just farm in front of the shop and that's okay.

Oh, and that leads me to two other points. First, why would you have save points into shops but not before bosses? Like, I agree some RPG system can be modified, but they have to be modified wisely. I do not say I would say it wisely, but saving points often say "Be careful! something may happen in the next few minutes!". Second, errmmm, bashing, again and again, for only little parts of stuff that aren't that useful. Like, attack speed boost: I farmed like 5-7 minutes for that, and why? It just doubles my attack rate, but the default rate was sufficient enough. And items are way too expensive to start. Maybe having a "level boost system" where you can upgrade all caracteristics a little bit at the beginning, then if you want a real upgrade, you'll need to save more money, or wait for late game? I admit I've been bored too fast because I didn't see the point of fighting.

Talking about combat, why do these monsters pop from nowhere? I hope it is explained in the story, as I didn't see why they would pop like that. But okay, that's not much of a problem. Though they spawn way too randomly. I like randomness, but it sometimes messes with the systems. Like, I've waited like 1 minute to encounter monsters, then the minute after I was surrounded by 15 enemies. Ugh, not something I enjoyed much.

Then, that speed... wait, you cannot dash, you should've removed the "always dash" option. It may be just me, but I've been frustrated to realize you cannot move faster, unless you pick-up that speed bonus. No, I do not want to drive a formula 1, I just want to dash. It's way too fast for me, I need to control my character, not suffer its movement. Okay, I won't pick it up anymore, let's be slow but control our char. Wait, what did I say? Not picking it up? It was without counting on these bugged monsters... yaaaay! I hide that perfect speed power-up! Nooooo why would you do that to me.

Though I must admit the game wasn't that bad. I enjoy finishing on a great point, so let me tell why I played 54 minutes.

I enjoyed the bashing a bit: I like farming monsters, but for a few minutes, I won't spend hours on that. And the game seems to lose the dynamic it could have gotten because of that: it mainly is bashing monsters to have a proper stuff.
Fights were actually fun, even though bugged: I enjoyed the multiple attacks, I enjoyed the "not so fast" monsters that won't let me one-shot them. Though I did not enjoy the lack of ability to aim at the monsters. The way you have to shoot at them is pretty weird and not that fun. A bit of strategy would be nice, too, even though I'm very bad at strategy: it was just run and shoot, and I hate running away. After all, I'm a f***ing badass angel that sends souls to somewhere I don't really know where.

So, I guess the game deserves a not-so-bad 5.5/10. It is pretty decent, though it could be exploited a bit better than it currently is.

Have you extracted all the .zip files in the same folder?

You must not start the game from the .zip file itself, it'll most likely lead to bugs

I have no struggle opening it, it's strange :o

Have you tried to re-download it?

TL;DR: This is a really great game, I rate it 10/10. A wonderful time playing it.

Warning: Spoilers into the review. Do not read if you want to play the game and fully discover it.

So, even though you had a bit of direct feedback, I need to put a real review here.

The gameplay is really interesting, knowing that you are sometimes forced to lose is a great thing, because it would be really frustrating otherwise. Also, it is a great thing that our choices have a real impact on how we play the game, it forces to choose everything wisely. I really liked how you took advantage of the "Tru 2D" graphics. It is so harmonious, and not having depth is maybe a bit strange at the beginning (mostly because you're blocked by the trees where you think you wouldn't be), but once you get used to it, it's a really different way of playing and... wow, it feels so great.

I must admit that even if it was made with RMMV, I didn't feel like it was (unless for the menus that are really specific to RM engines) made with it. Sure there were many parts that could tell it was made with that engine, but it feels so unique, it gives a really great feeling after playing it. During the whole game, I was like "damn, that's so nice, I really need to make that positive review for this game". 

The only bad thing is when you are in the little "maze", if I may call it this way. Having only 4 attempts is not enough to me, I would have like to be able to do at least 2-3 more attempts, or at least having the choice to not being guided. I would've tried 100 times if I could, just to make it by myself. Though it's not much of an issue having a limit, because letting you the choice may have no sense story wise. So just letting you have 2-3 more attempts so it doesn't get too frustrating for people who don't like having too many attempts and not too frustrating for those who like to try by themselves would probably be a great idea.

Also, the parts where you may beat that many wisps for the challenge is really cool, as you really try to beat them, even though it's probably lost, you're not like "welp, it's not that bad if I lose".

So, to sum up, I'd say this is a wonderful game, and even though there was one little thing I couldn't enjoy, it really deserves a 10/10.

That strange feeling when you download a game and there is already a save file. Like... am I really allowed to play this game? It seems like it belongs to someone '-'

Then, you start a new game, paf! Instant combat. Okay, why not, though I didn't understand why I've been attacked.

Okay okay, I equip that ring, I didn't read your advices. After all, you must play a game as you wish, not as the developer says. So I play, I take what I want, and I walk in the map, try to talk to people. No one wants to talk to me. Okay. So I talk to the ones with a name on top of their head. They don't talk to me either, but they have a bug, they look in my direction then look in the direction where they were before. Probably a "Direction Fix" missing. So I continue, and I go into some sort of... cave? Like, you were in a forest and paf! In a cave. I didn't like that transition, I didn't understand it either.

Then you fight some bees. Why do you talk to them to attack them, and they attack first, as if they surprised you? I didn't get the logic, and I died because of that. First game over that must've never happen. (okay I just forgot to heal me, too).

So I come back, and I keep going to the place where the three people are. Why is there Chinese here? I don't know, they must speak another language, maybe is it explained later in the game, though someone saying "Vending Machine" with a lot of chinese behind looks weird.

I go back because it seems there were nothing here. I realize I could use a bridge to avoid the poisonous thing. And what? People finally realize I'm here. Oh maybe I wasn't supposed to use the poisonous thing at first. Okay, my bad, it's probably my fault. Though it felt extremely weird. Okay, I fight someone. But why can I kill someone (they disappear like that, you don't really know why) and leave like that. The two others weren't their friend or...?

Okay, let's say it's justified later in the story by some sort of magic, I admit it, or maybe are they peaceful, okay. I can accept that. Then I keep going on the map and find a house. Nice, I will visit it. I enter the back hole and... nothing. Yeah, literally nothing, I just stay in the black hole. It's not realistic and it left me frustrated.

So I leave the cave, because there is probably nothing left to do there. Then WHAT? Why am I not into the forest anymore? I wanted to go south, I couldn't go there at the start, so I thought I could go back there later. No, you appear on a map, and you go to the Vending I don't remember what it is (I said machine before, though I'm not sure it was that). You reappear in a forest (by the way, the little cave was a cemetary. Poisonous cemetary, with only 6 graves at one place. Not like a cemetary to me, though I won't criticize that, as it still looked good.) and you fight chicken. Wait, I fought a guy in the cemetary, he was way easier than these chickens. They literally escaped 66% of my attacks (2 out of 3 attacks were evaded). Lost 50 TP (all my TP) for 2 misses. Feels very weird.

Okay okay, let's admit it's just unlucky (I admit a lot of things, you see). I then come to the village, and see someone. I can fight them, what's natural to me. 60 points each attack. Even my 80% shield couldn't let me win against her. Damn. Alt F4.

Okay, that's probably a bit harsh, so I'll also say all the good points, because there are some, finally.
First, I liked the fact we can have these little "power-ups". And the maps looked cool, even though I didn't agree with what they were supposed to represent. The animations while fighting were cool too, it was a nice thing. Probably just a detail, but something I really enjoyed ^^

The game has potential, it has mechanics that could be good, though I think they are not correctly exploited and it frustrates a bit too much, with that the bugs are kinda boring too, and I think there are too many for just a beginning ^^

Yep, that's pretty short :D
And I know the game is crappy, it was mostly to test my lighting plugin, and because I was kinda' satisfied by the result, I decided to put it, having no other entry to make ^^