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Wow, coming from the creators of 'Grandma' and '126 Chamber st',I am super happy with this comment

Love the art style...I am also building a covid 19 Horror title, check it out

hehehe, nice, looks like great minds think alike

@bgrateful32 Thanks for the follow, followed you back XD

Thanks Chenge, I will be adding you as a Zombie a little later...Got your photo and one liner.

There are no textures in the pack!!! I want my money back

Hey guys, please download this concept game and let me know what you think. 3D Space Shooter

Hi guys, please take a look at my Demo & Provide me with feedback? I plan on extending this into multiplayer possibly, yet I am not sure ... I may move towards a world portal based SYSTEM with sandbox RPG elements You can download it from here otherwise if you are interested in joining our coppercube community, please go here

Hey all, take a look at the pre-alpha... I just want to get some feedback regarding the concepts behind the will be opensourced community project for CC3D Engine and it will be sandbox multiplayer in the future,this release is just a couple of tests on art style and basic mechancis. Please check it out here or please follow us at

This is a serious project and as it will be released at corporate level in my country...sort of indie-ish ... but basically the game is in a very early state...only 3 weeks of development have gone into this. I will be using to get the ball rolling. Please contact me, Zoolean, at