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I'm just wondering the same thing too

umm, adding new datables meaning changing the description

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man, I wanted to make a Project Diva X style game featuring the characters from EA,TA,DDLC,PDX and This ,and yes it's gonna be a rhythm visual novel but my only problem is the 3D models,Slow internet,Copyright and Money  ^^; .so this became an Idea for other game devs

If you want to

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I actually like both games and heck I can't stop imagining to how cute would if Jun and Darius play the piano and see perverted lion and a pure tiger meet awkwardly ^^°

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well you made a little mistake of the book for Alex instead of Furries its Human and this to take in diffirent countries like EA being in America And this being in Japan also I noticed some of EA assets came from  here like the background being the same like the Amusement Park scene this theory can be taken  in a different timeline ,(sorry I suck a English)

Also If this  doesn't have  humans that HISTORY book should  have a different description and any of the  character shouldn't know a human exist

well Keisuke's route gave me a theory about EA and this being in the same Universe

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I wonder if this got the same amount of fans as Tennisace or EA

cool thanks for the info

can you import this to android I don't want my little bro to find out i like this kind of stuff

Am I the only one thinking huskies are being over use?, but there nothing wrong with that and just work on the things you wanted k

Am I the only one notice the "touching minigame" have diffirent background like the bedroom,bathroom and the park(why in public)?. I wonder where would Darius, Grifter and Richard would be?

umm the demo android ver kept crashing for somereaon plz fix it and sorry for my bad eng

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the art talked  finaly stop and I actually like the new art but the expressions still need some work P.S Im still hoping for the double date with Dozer  and Chest  and this is the best furry YAOI game  ever my 2nd fav is Blackgate :) <3

So how many gay and bisexual population is in this universe like I barely seen a straight character (still love the game,the story and the characters) (-¿_-)

this is the question I wanted to ask to you and Yandere dev,If you finished youre project will you add more content or work on another game

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this is quick hunch but the characters reminded alot of vocaloid song here it is


Chester:Rolling Girl

Spencer:Sweet Devil

Dozer:Im sorry Im sorry

Darius:Romeo and Cindelera

MC:Tuluthin Antenna

If you read some of the lyrics of the songs that I put you can see how I think of this

If you disagree just reply (-¿_-)?

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arigato Dyne-kyun (>♡○)

Cool erm well I was thinking about flashback scenes for Spencer like a kid version of him in his first route to see what he said to the MC

Will there be new members or not if so will Dozer still join because he wanted a small team to play with