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Zombiepaper (Anthony)

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Thanks, and you're a good lead for the team!

The new build is fantastic, guys.

Good work, guys!

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Hello, Keyboard Kadets!

Keyboard Anthony reporting in! I've cleared the broadband space on this secure channel so the Orthographimancer will not trace our signal.

Attentive kadets will notice that we've been working on our designs for both and our download page here! If you have any suggestions, please broadcast them below for a special reward!

Oh no!

End transmission! End transmission!

Thanks for letting me demo / VR test the game throughout your development. It was a really cool way to show puzzle mechanics within VR and an easy introduction to those fretful of this new frontier.

I haven't had a chance to play this yet but I wanted to highlight the great soundtrack piece that captures the wizards and cowboy aesthetic.

I gotta say that in my opinion: this was the most important game of the jam. It's tricky to get the context of it at first, because that's part of the mystery.

Our first visitor at PAX SIX was, actually, an educator.

Steve was forthright in telling me he wanted to bring Keyboard Kommander into his classroom to teach to his middle school and high school students. Others were telling me about how kids have seen much worse in AAA titles and how there's enough excitement to keep their students's attention. I was telling one of my customers about the game today and he said that he was interested in downloading the game for his 10-year old son and 8-year old daughter to try after watching the demo on the site. Another friend of mine's son, having just graduated high school, said that the material in Keyboard Kommander wasn't all that shocking. The violence and sarcasm might not fit every classroom and I certainly respect that. I just think that if we can help educators reach even half of their students, with some kind of tool that "doesn't suck" or "isn't boring," then it's a win (but especially for you).

This reminds me: at PAX 2016, I listened to Ashley Brandin's lecture "You Have Died of Dysentery: Meaningful Gaming in Education." The essence of that lecture, if I may boil it down, was that many edutainment tools are boring for their intended audience.

Hi, Keyboard Enthusiasts!

During PAX SIX 2018, we were asked by a Kadet if we supported Dvorak. The short answer is: YES!

Keyboard Kommander is not an installer and does not directly modify any settings to your keyboard. Whether you are a UNIX Administrator, have an ergonomic keyboard, or use an input device with keys in an alternate arrangement, you should have little to no problems playing Keyboard Kommander.

If you do, let us know!

Before PAX SIX 2018, we thought there would be some interest in Keyboard Kommander as an edutainment game.

But WOW!

I talked with at least six educators that wanted to bring Keyboard Kommander into their classrooms. We brainstormed ideas in person and I took notes! If any educators out there would like to reach out to us, let us know. Some feedback we received included having support for non-English languages, for those of us that like to practice languages casually, and our own customizable Dictionary Mode where you could paste in words in a list that the zombies could display.

These were great ideas!

If there's anything else we could do to help our teachers and educators, please, reach out!

Hey, Kadets! I wrote a review summarizing how the Seattle Indies Expo was like, both as a fan of upcoming videogames, and as a member of the Keyboard Kommandos. Hint: it was SUPER RAD!

Hello, Keyboard Kadets!

Feel free to use this space to lettuce [let us] know what you thought of the game, whether you stopped on by after meeting us at PAX Seattle Indies Expo or you found us while looking for a typing practice game. We are open to feedback, positive, negative, and want to know how we can make this game better and brighter!

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Yes, the Coin Generator is still overpowered, but it's less IDKFA godmode and more secret turbo mode. Maybe only allow two purchases per level? 

The Coin Generator is also a little too powerful even on Keyboard Kommander mode. I can quickly amass a large number of coins, which is nice since it makes it easier, but in harder modes it'd be nice to get a more fierce challenge.

I'm writing the treatment for Story Mode. What features would you, the reader, like to see included?

I like that element, especially if you could name the zombie, choose one or two stats, and maybe buy DLC shirts. :)

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My trick: if it gets too hard, let it sit, and get back to it. My balance is also different than your balance.

I like that idea. It adds an element of capturing an enemy and raising it. Not quite like Pokémon.

Wishing luck to the production.