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Here are some ideas for the game!

add a Barret M82 50.cal into the game! (I suggest naming it 50.Penetrator)

add a Snow Map! (a good name i suggest is White Storm)

add a Knife

add a APC! (armoured personnel carrier vehicle)

add a deployable turret!

Those are all the ideas i have for the game,please reply if you like them!


I posted this all a WHILE a go (166 days to be exact)

But I have thought of more ideas!!!


New Ideas

-Add a Tar 21(Suggested Name:Guardian AR

-Add a Huey(Helicoptor Type) to the game,it should hold 8 people.4 in the back,2 gunners(there would be machineguns mounted onto the sides of the helicoptor),and of course 2 drivers!

-Add a new mode called V.I.P , in which there is 1 V.I.P in blue team,that must be escorted to the extraction zone.If the V.I.P is killed,red team must retrieve the suitcase he drops and bring it to their base.

I will soon think of more great ideas!


I'm back with more Ideas for Ravenfield!!!

About 59 days since my other idea post.


New Ideas

-Add an automatic-Glock! (Low damage,but high fire rate,and 15 ammo in the clip.)

-Add Throwing Knives!

-Add a new Gamemode called Defense.The Blue team has to choose  an area of the map(2-3 areas per map) and defend their flag.Once the flag is captured,its game over for Blue.The Red team has to take the flag,and then they win.Capturing the flag takes 10 seconds,and the time resets to 10 again if there is none of Red team around the flag.

-Add a grenade launcher called the M-79 in real life.(A name suggested is Thumper.Which is what people call it sometimes.It has 1 grenade in the barrel.)