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Thank you for taking what I said to heart it means a lot to me that you listened <3

They're relatively common so I understand why you'd put them in without thinking about it.

If it's not too much trouble would you mind letting me know when it gets rewritten? I wont judge you for how long it takes because I get you have a life and sometimes its hard to do things. But I'd like to know so I can try playing again ^.^

I haven't played it all the way through yet, but please don't make diabetes jokes, they're very disheartening and can help spread misinformation about diabetes. Kinda took me out of the mood for the whole game tbh :/

This game made my heart hurt, really good job.

The 3rd ending killed me but the 2nd killed me even more, I really liked the best end. Very sweet, amazing art, please make more games I would play them all.

***kinda spoilers then actually spoilers***


Also Dei can totally get it, flirty but actually sweet and kinda dorky boys are my kryptonite. If you flirt with me a bunch but get blushy/bashful when I flirt back I will FALL IN LOVE. I just wanna wrap him up in a giant hug and make him feel loved. <3 Such a sweetie and his backstory is so sad. I'm glad he has an ending where his name gets cleared and he isn't remembered as a murderer and potential pedo (jeez that company dude can go fuck himself amirite?).

The 'clues' were vague and different enough that I didn't totally get what happened until near the end, which is really nice. I figured out he was a ghost early on, but with how long it went without being revealed I started to second-guess myself. I deeply appreciate games that have clues that make sense at the end but leave you guessing during, wonderful job with that imo. The different power level of ghosts was a cool concept too (does it have to do with age, or the intensity of left over feelings, or something intangible?).

His lil sis was so cute and I almost wish that there was a longer epilogue where you got to see everyone together happy family style. But the ending y'all did was beautiful and left me sated and feeling many things.

$45 down the drain TT.TT

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Oh weird, I thought I'd done that already. Thanks! <3

I would love a tip about the 7th souvenir if y'all wouldn't mind <3

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I really liked this, the concepts and relationship development was really interesting and poignant. Makes one think a lot about the world and what we can all do to make it better. 

*Kinda spoilers below*

I wanted to let you know that in Mesmeri's realm after she transports you the third time (after the social media portals) she calls you the base name even if you're customized your name. "Don't worry Yun, I promise you'll like this one!"

This happens again when getting into Lucians realm right before they enter the portal. "I think Yun means to ask if this portal is safe."

Also in my game clicking extras does the same as clicking credits. (Though I think that's on purpose as I see you say extras will be added soon)

That's all on the windows version if they're different. <3

Good luck! We believe in you! please give us another update soon <3

Hey! Just wondering if you happen to have an update for us? No worries if you're not where you wanted to be/think we want you to be or anything! :)

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Select in RenPy, click "delete persistent" allow it, and then you're good. Doesn't delete saves tho, you have to do that manually in the folder

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I love this game and it's characters!! Rafael was definitely my favorite, from beginning 'till end. I played his route first (against better judgement) because I knew I was gunna love that man, and I do, he's so precious!! Thank you so much for making this game and I honestly look forward to whatever you produce in the future!

My one thing is that I have no idea how to get ending 8, I've tried most levels of right and wrong answers, I've played through all possible race combinations, I'm not sure what I'm missing :( If you could give me a clue I'd be forever grateful! Thank you!


Oh! I forgot to say I really liked the character customization and how it actually impacted the story and CGs in a real way, kudos for doing that! I'm sure it took a while. It really helped up the replay value, I'm a completionist so I try for every ending, but the different dialogue helped keep me in the story! Really good job.

*screams* I just finished the Demo and this is so good! I can't wait until the full game comes out! Ahhhhhhhh!

It's broken? 

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
Exception: Could not load file Downloads/Oto/LNSF 2/game/burrout.rpyc.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "/Volumes/renpy-", line 290, in bootstrap
  File "/Volumes/renpy-", line 364, in main  # sets
  File "/Volumes/renpy-", line 264, in load_script
    self.load_appropriate_file(".rpyc", ".rpy", dir, fn, initcode)
  File "/Volumes/renpy-", line 744, in load_appropriate_file
    raise Exception("Could not load file %s." % lastfn)
Exception: Could not load file /Users/zee/Downloads/Oto/LNSF 2/game/burrout.rpyc.


God this game played with my heartstrings. I cried after, and I got the happy ending, haha. Please continue to make games, especially if they are like this. I love the kinda constant question of Silas' humanity. It reminds me a bit of a VN that I cant remember the name of that also includes androids learning to love. Its always been an interesting concept to me... What humanity is, and what can have emotion. 

Anyway, it was an awesome game, thank you so much for sharing it with us.