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This was very ambitious. I love the visuals most of all.  The movement is a little clunky, but I didn't mind that too much. A little bit more feedback when attacking would be nice. Cerberus wiped me out the moment I ran out of stamina xD

Great job submitting and creating an ambitious game. You could really build upon this :)

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Excellent platformer with unique mechanics. The art and the music are top tier in my opinion. The gameplay is very smooth and it's not tedious to die over and over again. I like the mechanics. One thing that I wasn't very fond of was the level design. It could be so much better with the mechanics that you have. I could tell there's a lot of ambition here with the things you wanted to do. But overall this game is wonderful and I give it top marks.

This game was simple and straightforward, but very well-made. You're a fish in a tank and you just died. You just got flushed into the toilet and are now on a journey to find your final resting place. The puzzles are relatively simple, and the levels, while increasing in complexity, don't really ramp up the challenge too much. However, I think it's perfect for the story the game is trying to tell. The music enhances the mood really well. I'm sad for the fish, but I'm happy in the end it was able to come back home to rest for the final time. No fish deserves to rot in sewers and trash. Thanks for this game. It made me sad and made me smile :)

I really like that this wasn't just another platformer. It had an actual progression system that made sense. At first I wondered if the very low jump height and move speed was just bad design, but I realized I had to upgrade them. That was fun. I didn't stop until I was able to effectively destroy the golden ghosts. The simplicity of the art had a lot of charm to it, reminds me of my first platformer when I was still using game maker. This was fun. Congrats! :)

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Haha, thanks for playing! :D
And of course, checking out your game :)

Oh dang that looks so much better! We'll check it out once it goes live.

I've seen this mechanic implemented many times throughout this jam, but I like the twists you added to it. This was more challenging than the others for sure. I like the simplistic visuals and the level design. The game's performance drops a little bit at some points (I played on browser) so it slightly affected my experience of this game. But overall, good entry, congrats on submitting! :)

LMAO this was hilarious xD I love the writing and the humor. Not much else to comment on except this was really well made and you made me chuckle a bunch of times :D

Hey, thanks for playing! Yes, I really didn't wanna do jumpscares, I wanted to focus more on feeling and atmosphere. Some of the shadow guys are definitely bugged, some of them don't despawn or despawn at the wrong time xD As for the gun's rate of fire, I think a small amount of tuning is also needed to make it fun to use. Others have also made the same feedback for the other cons you mentioned and I promise I've noted all of them down. I appreciate the feedback :)

Haha, that's totally fine. There have been 5 or 6 other feedback like yours of people who left because it got spooky :D The fact that it scares people means I did something right, at least. I'm glad you played it regardless if you finished it or not :)

I'm sorry for your loss. This was also particularly difficult for me to play through because it brought out so many emotions, the kind that I never want to deal with or face. In the game everything feels like an uphill battle, much like depression and grief where even simple tasks like getting out of bed or taking care of your health are extremely difficult to do :( And sometimes even when you're out of it or you've conquered the depression, you can still fall back down. I think you did really well with this game. Your theme is communicated perfectly and your game makes people think and feel and confront some difficult emotions. Thank you for this game.

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Great game! Took me 3 tries so that's just about right for me in terms of challenge. Combat was satisfying and balanced just right. Thank you for giving players a dash/teleport ability otherwise this would've been a rather tedious/harsh experience. Visuals are great, and the game overall is very polished. I'm always a fan of glowing stuff and particle effects. The music was good and the sprites are cute!

I didn't know what to expect judging from the page description of the game but I was pleasantly surprised! It's so fun that you can actually take over the enemy bodies. I like that you must hit them at the exact spot to avoid destroying their body and thus be able to posses them. I also like that you die in one hit without a body. Becoming a tank was so badass, but it was slow and hard to kill anything with unless they were right in front of me. It was near the end of the 2nd level where I realized I could aim up or down, my fault for not reading instructions properly xD The music was very fitting and set the mood, the art was really good and I like the visual clarity. The boss fight was excellent both times and the controls were fine, it really felt like I was a disembodied head on a skateboard. Overall very polished game. There are so many platformers on this jam but this one was unique and had fresh mechanics. Also this reminded me of flash era games like alien hominid. Love this game! :)

First of all, I suck at controlling the player in this game xD I knew the controls were inverted but somehow I still couldn't put myself in the correct headspace lol. It was a little difficult to control and even at times frustrating, but man did you nail the atmosphere on this. I love the stellar visuals and the music you used enhanced the experienced. The scrolling text at the beginning set the mood for the rest of the game, with really good writing. This was very well polished, with only the controls holding it back. Great job! :)

This was great! Playing the game backwards was actually genius. The voice acting really sold this for me. The visuals, using simple cubes and other primitive shapes were very pleasing to look at due to a good mix of lighting, colors and whatever post-processing effects you used. The narration was funny, although I found the recording quality was hit or miss there with some voice lines muffled a little, but that hardly took away from the experience. You got me good, 'cause I was wondering if it was a bug when I couldn't click the New Game button instead only the 'Continue' button and was pleasantly surprised it was part of the game mechanics :D Good game, I really enjoyed it!

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Wow, I really liked this. Everything's so smooth. The movement, the shooting fireball mechanics, and the various particle effects. I also really dig the art style. The glowing blue and red are amazing to look at. The level puzzles are challenging but not too difficult and slowly eases you into more complex levels.

I assume because of the timeframe we had, you weren't able to implement audio? That's understandable. You have a really good game here, though. It's super fun.

A polished and visually pleasing entry. Everything's cute in this one, especially the grim reaper punching an old man in the face xD I have no major criticisms :D

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Hi, thanks for playing and getting to the end! Originally there was gonna be a second level, where you drop into deep murky water and get chased by a big shadow creature in the water. However I had to cut out that part and just tacked in an arbitrary end part due to the time constraints. There was so much I wanted to do in terms of level design and progression :( 

Also thanks for pointing out the bugs, some others have found them too, especially the tree-climbing one, and the void doors. You can probably tell the doors were going to be something that was cut and replaced with a kill trigger xD I'm looking into fixing most of those issues and then expanding the game after the game jam ends :) Thanks again!

First off, this was a HUGE download size for the type of game that it is. Second, the performance wasn't very good. With that said, I can see this being polished into a fun endless runner game that you could play in 5-10 minute sessions at a time. Congrats on submitting, keep improving this.

This was a good first-time entry. The camera gave me difficulties, maybe it could point up a little? The ball was a little hard to control sometimes too, like it felt it was going the wrong way. But I didn't encounter any bugs and gameplay was smooth. Nice job, keep improving it!

Thanks for you review! The objects you collect and the areas in the game had a lot to do with the story, and some of the notes you read hint to what they are, though doesn't explain it entirely. The void doors in the basement were an issue many people have also come across and I'm looking into changing it. Thanks for playing!

Fun and simple. I just enjoyed the flying and dodging, and I really liked that you changed into someone else whenever you died/got hit. I didn't think the white balls were obstacles at first so I tried to fly into them xD but overall this was a good entry and the elevator music made the game feel more chill. Nice!

This game evokes a lot of emotion and the music you chose really enhanced the feelings a lot. It's simple and direct, and the visuals are pleasing to look at despite being relatively basic. I like the storytelling a lot :) I have no major criticisms! Good job.

Like the previous comments mentioned, I didn't know how the jumping mechanics worked at first. But that's only a minor issue for me. I liked catching lost souls. The simplistic art added a lot to the overall aesthetic of the game and gives it its charm. I love the controls, they're smooth and responsive and I just love the feeling of launching into the air :) Congrats on submitting!

I am aware others have faced the same issue with the void doors and it's now very high on my list of things to address. I'm sorry it impacted your experience of the game. Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you like the aesthetic :)

Hi, thanks for the feedback. That was a complaint I received on earlier feedback as well, so I increased the sprint speed but kept the walk speed the same. I'll definitely look into tuning it some more! :)

Wow, it's so cool to do flips and everything and shooting at the same time. You probably already got the same comments, but the one issue I had was that I had trouble distinguishing what was dangerous and what wasn't. But that's just minor for me because you made a unique, challenging, and fun game!

It was mostly when I bumped into things and got turned around but like I said, it wasn't really that bad :) You truly have something good here, and I would even say to take this prototype and turn it into a full-fledged game. I know that's what I would do, even if it would ultimately be extremely ambitious xD

I love how you incorporated the theme into the game's story. Turned it into an actual company slogan xD Like others have mentioned here, controls could be tuned a bit more but I can tell a lot of work went into this overall. I like the simplicity of the visuals and the mechanics make for fun gameplay. Congrats!

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For such a simple game, the backstory you gave it really sold it for me. Whats that, I'm a brain inside a space ship? Wow. At that point, possibilities were endless. I really love things like that. My only issue was that the space ship was a little slow to control, but probably because I've only been a brain in a space ship for a day xD  Congrats on submitting, and good job! Keep improving this and writing awesome stories behind your games.

The visuals are unique and felt like I was looking into a kaleidoscope sometimes. It feels very polished and the simple mechanics actually enhance the game. I really like the writing and the different endings make it worth playing through. It's also very chill game :)

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The first time I tried, I got motion sick. I got up and came back 5 minutes later to give it another go. I'm amazed at how much this reminds me of my days of playing Freelancer. The controls are really good and even though I get easily disoriented, it wasn't so bad with this game. I like the graphics and visual clarity. I also like the flavor text and bits of story you included. I'm actually looking forward to you expanding on this game a bit more.

It's complex and deep, but it's well-made. I know some other comments here have told you that card games aren't their first choice of genre for this game jam, but I honestly think there's still a big audience for this game, including me :) I think the game needs more visual flair to make it interesting to look at and help the player understand what's going on, but I'm aware of the 10 day limitation we all had. Good job on this game, keep improving it :)

Thank you for playing. I did mess up the stairs and step height there, so that's very high on my list of things to fix :)

I like this game. It's got smooth movement and shooting, and the visuals are really good particularly the backgrounds and particle effects. I also like that you put icons on the UI to guide the player on where various things are. I love the controls because I go forward depending on where my mouse is aimed. The little mechanics are neat. Like some comments here have pointed out, I would've liked to have some gating mechanics to avoid players cheesing the game or rushing to the end.  There was also the issue of the menu buttons remaining on-screen when I was already in the game, which I had to restart to fix. I understand a lot of these issues can be fixed with more time, though. Overall, great game, I can see why it's got many ratings :) 

I appreciate your feedback! We'll definitely work more on our UI art and the audio for our game :) I'm glad you like the look we went for

This game throws you into the chaos right away and does not let you take a second to breathe xD I love it, chaotic, challenging, and fast. My main issue I feel the projectiles of the player character disappears and has a short range? Overall though I enjoyed this little bullet hell.

Hi, sorry about the void doors. I originally planned on having different rooms in that section of game that you could enter, but I ran out of time to design them. The stairs in that area was particularly fucked too xD Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you liked other aspects of the game. I'll definitely be making the necessary improvements once the jam ends.

I like that you took the time to make dialogue for this. The 4th wall breaking bit was particularly hilarious.  The jumping and moving could use a little tuning, thought it felt too slippery and the camera was a bit too zoomed in to see where I'm going or where I'm falling. However I really liked the crystal abilities that gave you different methods of traversing the levels--err I mean dimensions. Nice game, nice art, I like the visual clarity of everything :)

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Thank you for the feedback. I agree with every criticism you made and can promise you that all of those are on my to-do list :)