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ZMauz of Universes

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Very cool concept. I've been trying to make my way through it all day. Haven't managed to beat it yet but I'll be back later and I'm sure I'll figure it out by then.

Just got done playing this. It was so much fun and I've already shared it with my partner who also loves crows! I'm sure I'll come back and play it again!!!

I saw this on your tumblr amidst the uquizzes and comic you've made. It was a delight to play! I look forward to seeing more of what you make!

No problems! I still really enjoyed the game and it added a bit of challenge as I had to try and figure out what words it would accept! :D

I would love to see this continued with the scribe having to go on more adventures! This was such a fun game to play!

i kept trying to use effervescent but it didn't consider that to be a word either.