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Lol, this second gif is briliant XD

lol, ok

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Hi! I'm Zly.
I'm from Belarussia.
Just a hobbyst since from 2011-12, was trying a 3D animating, but I change from 3D to 2D(Still learning it).

Trying to be CG-artist but badly(Just because I have another hobbys).
Learning C++ language.
1 year game developer: started from MMF2 to CTF2.5 (I'm self-taught and I really don't like standard movements in CTF). Trying to help people with stuff, but I'm actually lazy in it :P (Was trying to make litle tutorials, but I delete them)
Half pro in I wanna games and Open hexagon, I can in fast rotating levels ^_^.
I don't know what to say more about me... Just a guy who for fun start being game developer. (Like to make some geometrical stuff in CTF ^_^)
I'm love coffee, my mom says I'm good at making them.
And for all this year I didnt make anything special for people, like my animations and games.

Bad english sometimes ^_^


Same :D

Thanks! I don't see your game... I'll check it out

But... If I'm not new in fusion? Kappa

Wow, 5 hours, good luck with relaxing :D

How is going?
Do you was nervous when deadline was coming and your project not done? I Have!
Do you have future projects?

Nice dude! Thanks and good luck with your project!

Yeah, still same. :c