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Really clever idea! I had fun with the physics based movement. Though sometimes I had trouble getting the egg to move and had to mash left click. I'm not sure if that was intentional. Still, nice job on this jam! I really like the art style too.

Pretty neat game you made for this jam. Clever idea for movement controls. Nicely done! I think my only real issue with the game was how I would often lose my sense of direction. But I got the hang of it eventually and found my way out.

Thanks for the feedback! Those are all things I considered, though I didn't have much time during the weekend to make the game as polished as I would've liked. The windows and buildings Z-fighting when viewed at a distance only happens in the WebGL build for some reason. It looks fine in Unity editor and in the downloadable builds. It's something I didn't have time to fix but if I were to update this game that would be probably the first thing I'd fix.

Thank you for the feedback! The AI is very simple as that's all I had time for during the jam. Essentially at random intervals they choose a random character to target and throw themselves at a random speed. I initially envisioned this game as something best experienced with friends, so the multiplayer experience is what I wanted to focus on, but I still wanted single player to be an option. I'd like to make the single player experience more engaging in the future.

I knew I had made something worthwhile when my friends couldn't stop laughing while playing this game.

Thank you all for the feedback! I'm glad people had fun with this game. I hope to continue developing it in the future :)

Thank you! Yeah some visual indicator to show the player they're holding the checkpoint is something I'd like to add in the future.

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Thanks for the kind words! I had fun designing some of these levels and I wish I had time during the jam to design more so I may do so in the future

Sweet! Thanks for including it! :)

Thank you I'm really glad you and your brother enjoyed it! Although I can't take credit for the skybox, that was part of an asset I got on the Unity Asset store. I forgot to include that credit in the description, will do that soon!

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Awesome! Thank you for doing this! :)

Thanks so much for including our game! :) Love your videos, keep up the great work

Oh I see. That make sense. Ok I'll keep that in mind for the next game I work on with this sort of aesthetic!

Hey thanks for the feedback! I'm curious though, what in the game breaks the 64x64 rule? Is there a sprite that doesn't look pixel perfect somewhere?

No, the character controller is an asset I bought on the Unity Asset Store: https://www.assetstore.unity3d...

That's part of why I was able to make this in an hour lol

Super exciting to see that someone put my game on Youtube! Thanks! :)