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Hey! Just finished playing the game and I liked the overall idea! The sprite art was very appealing and the pinks and purples worked well together! I will say though, that the grammar was a bit off. It made it a bit difficult to follow the story. If you ever need help with writing, importing audio or finding bug testers I'm sure the Ren'Py reddit RenPy - Visual Novel Engine ( or Lemma Soft Forums would be happy to help! I'd be happy to help too if you ever needed anyone! Additionally, choices don't have to be there if your visual novel is linear. Maybe you intended to add more endings later on? Can't wait to see you improve in the future, as the ending said this would be one of many projects to come.

I love how ominous the ending is oh my gosh. I'm so excited for this game along with many others, can't wait till its official release!

woah this is very swirly

I'm glad! I'll be rooting for your safety.

I'm very sorry to hear about your situation. I hope things bode well and the fires don't reach your home. Thank you for being so dedicated to this project and stay safe. <3

Aw, you too!

This was really hecking cool! My brother and I had lots of fun with our playthrough. I also love the contrast between Nick and Noah, they're very good boys ;w;. I'll be following the development and can't wait until more is released!

This game was adorable!! I loved the mix of gore with the cute art style and the personalities were so unique! My brother and I had lots of fun getting all the endings. Following for more amazing content! :D

Of course! Thank you so much for the information!

This game was so mind bending! My brother and I played it together and had so much fun with the multiple twist. I thought the mechanic of the game crashing and restarting on a different screen was genius! Do you have a youtube or something where you've explained how to do it? I'd really like to know. If not, that's ok. Amazing game! Really made my brother and I think!