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Hey thank you!, it was a nice idea.

Hello, I can use your music and sounds.

Discord: rhendani#1964

Sent a message through mail

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I can use the music and sound effects of someone.
Discord: rhendani#1964

Are you being eaten by the plants? They cannot see me because they will get angry.

I think that is up to you, you can use any engine or tool you want. Do you have problem in choosing engine? Do you think is necessary to show options of which tools to use?

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Machine Jam community · Created a new topic !!

The time is running out ! But now I was thinking how well went your jam, how was it  ? :) Anything you want to share ?

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Ok, you don't have to take this seriously.

Okay, so, well, I mean, I wonder if someone would be worried about the fact that you kill and get the money of the people that easily (even though it's fun), but pretty much no many would be worried about it. And when I pressed escape, or F2, if I pressed it a little later it would have rebooted everything that I advanced in the game and I didn't know about it... 

So yeah that's all feedback I have to give.
After all, has potential, would buy it.

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Wow, nice game. I liked how it chooses the options to interact with the things, but mainly moving around and interacting with stuff, was nice to check what they did, yet, moving arround felt nice, and kicking, and talking to the people, and they had something to tell you, all that felt nice.

Nice art, nice old style, liked it.

Nice game, i'm curious about how the polygons of the model animated move like that, is like ps1, probably is something in Godot. Funny game.

I want to contribute with game Design I had an Idea where you mix chess with randomness to give the piece a certain power maybe I can make a concept sketch you check it out, can contribute with sounds.

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Hello, if someone else likes to makes little games, and feels like this is a good idea, then let's talk about it.
I have some experience in sound, c#, pixelart, 3ds Max, Unity.
I first want to know if someone is interested, if someone is interested then I probably will offer ideas, and listen ideas if that's the case.
Made this game,
Well,  i'm curious to see if I get a positive reply.

Somehow I really like the artstyle of this game.


If I ever make a nicer version I'll contact you.

Cool game.

There's a ship that's always looking at the same direction, and cool game. The weapon feels confusing, just sometimes work.

Don't know what i'm supposed to do, when click "select" it opens a file finder and clicking the jar doesn't do anything.

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The 8th stage is impossible (just kidding).

Looks nice, for me it's lagging when to much particles...

Fun to play.

It looks great, most of the times I can't survive more than 10 seconds and I can't do anything to dodge the bullets. Fun to play.

Interesting game

Here I made a video of me playing it, I don't talk but wanted to share here it go.

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man I thought it was a game

this one looks cool