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how do i get more mushrooms been a while since i played and my stock ran out and forgot how to get them

how do i update my save to the newer version? (2.60b)

Jesus man i just finnished the main playthrough after 12 hours. thats more than some AAA games 

i guessing you mean after cassie yells at her ill give you a hint; its in this update

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is the itchio version the same as steam? (ie censoring)

i know the game is cancelled but is it the end once you get the spaceship?

How is this so wholesome?

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yes but doesnt allow me to close it

Found a crash when you ask to be tied up by fawn with scribbles on your face.

what do i do about Cassie and Alissa? some scenes are blocked by Alissa so im assuming i can progress further but i dont know how.