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Thanks ! This is working :)

This asset is awesome but it only works in Unity's editor :/

I get this error in build :

(Filename: C:/Users/gabwi/Dropbox/[DOSSIER GABRIEL]/PROJETS/Lazers/Assets/WavySprite/Scripts/WavySprite.cs Line: 148)

ArgumentNullException: Argument cannot be null.
Parameter name: shader
  at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.Material:CreateWithShader (UnityEngine.Material,UnityEngine.Shader)
  at UnityEngine.Material..ctor (UnityEngine.Shader shader) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0   at WavySprite.SetMeshAndMaterial () [0x00075] in C:\Users\gabwi\Dropbox\[DOSSIER GABRIEL]\PROJETS\Lazers\Assets\WavySprite\Scripts\WavySprite.cs:148   at WavySprite.Update () [0x000c8] in C:\Users\gabwi\Dropbox\[DOSSIER GABRIEL]\PROJETS\Lazers\Assets\WavySprite\Scripts\WavySprite.cs:88

2€/$ ^^'

I think i'll start publishing in february for maybe a march/april release :)

Well, change of plan

Look at the last devlog, I hope you understand my choice :|

Np, for the moment i'm not developing the game anymore

I'll continue the game maybe in 3 weeks / 1 month, for the moment i'm bored of programation :)

Then send me a different image ;D

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Developpement paused for a little time

Mmmh...making the same map two times isn't a very good idea :/

Please, answer to that form, it will be really useful for me !

LAZERS USEFUL FORM ! Help me making the game by a simple way !

Thank you so much ^^

I'll keep updating it for a long time ! :)

Send me a drawing of your map idea if you want me to make it ! :)

Ui :3


Oh i didn't see that, my bad ! x)

A very, very, very bad idea !

I only need to create a youtube channel and send it to have a "press account" and get every paid game for free, that's a terrible idea, really !

It's not new, when you are dead you can still move your gravestone by moving your stick ^^

Ok :) Nice !

(PS: you can still move a bit your gravestone when you are dead xP )

Nah, i added some particle effects to them but that's all

I don't think making gravestones offensive is a good idea

Anyway, LAZERS 0.4.0 released, have fun :D

LAZERS 0.4.0 - BOXES !

New world !

Mmh ._. Kill by simply throwing them is a pretty bad idea x)

How ? By simply throwing them ? Explain :)

Noted ! :D

I'm currently making a new world, surprise surprise ! x)

Oh thanks xD

Nice :)

More gameplay variety please :]

Is that normal ? °^°


Completely new sound design ! :)


Completely new sound design ! :)

2007 = Crysis 1 = real realism

You can't (normally) only distribute DRM-free games

I'm pretty bad at english and i make mistakes ! Please change that


Pretty fun :D

Score : 2850 :)

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Thx ^^

Tell me if you have any weapon idea or map idea ;) (nothing is impossible, so interactive maps are ok)

Fixed :)

Ok thanks :)

You know that you can change your skin and buy new ones in the shop right ? ^^

LAZERS 0.2.0 - Now available !

LAZERS 0.2.0 - Now available !