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Ur dads cat

Wtf nibba, that's gay as frick nibba. Ill sing a song for you: "i got the nibbas in the back, they are really black"

Oh, and also a minor thing, but the sound effects could be worked a bit on. Music is fine thought.

Yeah. but you could make it really smooth, by making it accelerate, and the deccelerate. so it goes slow, faster, faster, slower, stop.

I liked the game very much. Only played the trail version though. level 1 was a bit to easy even though it was an intro level. also im thinking it  would be nice if the sliding was a bit smoother, other than that, i don't have anything to say

Maybe add some screenshots

I really like the game, but the first zombie forest part freaked me out (Mostly the sounds)

hhhmmmmm. i'll try scaling down. thanks!

Hi blackthornprod! I downloaded the game, but i'm on 32 bit and my pc said that it couldn't run the game. is it possible to make a 32 bit version? Love your vids btw

yes probably. Could you get it to work? i couldn't


Couch or normal version?

Why did you use the sunny land unity tile set?

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OOOOOOOOOOOH that doom/woolfenstein style!

Ok so i just played the game and it is amazing dude! good job!

I watch your vids my dude!


did you look in you downloads? to be more specific, did you go in the downloads section in your files?

oh yes please!

thanks. it's gonna be hard to find the sheet music for everything though. iv'e found all the music and sound effects i need but not in midi...also are you gonna make more kingdoms? i can't remember if i asked.

yeah i found out python isn't good for games... I'm gonna learn c# now cause unity uses it, and a guy on youtube named brackeys uses it a lot for his tutorials. How did you make the music? i found a midi to 8-bit(nes) converter, but my dad said i might still have copyright issues with it.

Try some of the other versions like debug or installer or update your drivers.

Ok that's fine. I used it to get a moon too haha. I just wanted to make sure you were aware of it. Also thanks for the programming tutorial that you gave  me on youtube. I didn't get that far though, because it just went a bit too slow. I'm not sure which language it was, but i want to learn Python. What do you code in? Also..are you working on new kingdoms, or is it just supposed to be a demo? keep up the good work, gonna go play your other games now :)

Ps: thanks for inspiring me..thanks a lot

Also....haha..Is it intentional that the cap goes in the walls if you stand right next to them, and that you can dive on your cap right away?

also i just found a glitch. you can launch yourself if you wall jump no the corner of a solid block. I accidentally found this on the mario head

i downloaded the installer version, and it worked. exept for the fact that i can't run the gameboy version. there are two folders, a nes and a gameboy. I tried the nes first and it worked, but when i tried the game boy, it tried to load, but it said that the file already existed in another place. Do you think that it's cause they both have the same name?

oh it's me again. remember me from youtube? I can't remember if i explained it. but it says that the path selected does not exist. is that what i need to update my graphics card drivers for?

Super Odyssey 2D community · Created a new topic can't run

I downloaded the game, but my pc says that there isn't a path to follow......What do i do?