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Thanks for your feedback , it's highly appreciated! And yes, we are using the Unity Standad Assets FPSController with custom settings for the player's movement! :)

Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: Escape! is a First Person Puzzle Adventure Game

I'd like feedback on: We are aware of the fact that the game is ridiciously easy at the moment. This is just a demo that demonstrates the overall feel of the game and the mechanics we could implement during two weeks of development time. But if you got anything regarding graphics or any idea of developing the current gameplay further, feedback in any form will be highly appreciated! :)

Game Jam is over! You can play a demo of the game here:

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for a 2D Artist and a Sound Designer to join my team!
Game is already working in its basic bits, it's going to be kind of a 2D Survival Shooter, but now I need someone to bring it to life. I'm no professional, just doing jams for learning Unity and C# - so don't hesitate to write me, if you're interested and still want to be part of the melon game jam! I'm glad about every request!

Hope you're all doing well with your fancy melon games!