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A member registered Apr 25, 2017

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Posted in BLACK comments

I got the true ending and Kid is just a sweet, precious and creepy cinnamon roll, I love him so much though, nice game it really brought the atmosphere and it has some nice art,

Created a new topic Review

This was really good, somewhere during the game I forgot the was a demo so when it suddenly said it was the end of the demo, I just sort of sat there in surprise, feeling sad that I couldn't continue because this was amazing.

It had great characters, an interesting storyline, witty dialogue and the political aspect you put in worked really well, some choices were easy and showed the personality and kind of queen you want to be while others were hard because you had to decide between things you'd rather avoid (but obviously had to, like Bianka's sentence).

The animation was also really good and I am curious to see how the stats might play in later, if they play a role at all, either way it was cool to be able to see them and get an idea about how you have carried yourself in the game so far.

I did encounter what I believe to be bug, when I were to give bread and stuff like that to more unfortunate people, I could pick between three things, however if I tried to pick the the widows and children of the dead soldiers, the game would go on as if I had picked the orphanage.

Posted in AIRIS comments

So I recently downloaded the game and have finished a few routes. And I must simply say that I adore this game, the silly conversations between characters leave me in a good mood and the story is interesting, especially as you discover more and more aspects of this story for each route you play.

The choices felt much more natural than many other games have done and I loved the personalities of them all. The art was amazing and I liked the music as well.

So I personally think that all the work put in this game have definitely paid off and even though I thought it looked good before downloading, it really impressed me, especially how well-written the storyline and characters felt.

I truly loved this game!